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Livin’ like a local: Inertia

Kaicie Boeglin

Opinions Editor

Photo via beatbox.fandom

Little Rhode Island happens to be home for a lucky beatboxer who rose to the top, placing second out of all of America. Providence based artist, Inertia describes his love for the art as the basis for his life and career. Inertia is known as the “inward bass king.”

To play an instrument takes skill. But, to utilise your throat to create multiple instruments and sounds at once is true talent. Beatboxing is an art form that encompasses a certain science. “This science is using a form of vocal percussion that begins as a mimic of drumming, which then turns into a variety of different beats” says Inertia. “The secret to beatboxing right, is to use all of what you have. From the throat, lips, tongue, diaphragm, and voice, one could easily get started. Although, crafting the correct breathing methods is the hard part.”

Inertia pulled his name from loving science and recognizing the science behind what he loved to do. He established himself as a beatboxer in 2014. As his knowledge progressed, so did his talent. In 2017, he started teaching beatbox science to kids of all ages. In November 2019, Inertia was named second best at the American Beatbox Championship and he currently still holds the title. Inertia is 2nd in America, but ranked 1st in all of the North American continent. After being named the Great North Champion, Inertia had become known internationally. He has performed and judged competitions in France, Germany, Poland, Japan, Portugal, Lithuania, Estonia, Canada and countless states across America. Beatboxing is more than the subtle beat dropped in a rap battle. Inertia’s skills have scored him work with many rappers. He has met with 2 Chains and is rumored to meet with Da Baby and Chief Keef.

In February 2020, he recorded a documentary in New York. Within our own interview, as well as his documentary, Inertia states that beatboxing is “creativity in a leveled form.” Beatbox artists will practice sounds over and over again to create a song, just as average band members would. The difference is that beatboxers will practice their form to the point their performances can or will be all improv. It takes improv to find your strengths and figure out where you still need some tweaking.

Inertia can only be found on Instagram and YouTube. Through Instagram he has a following of 18,000 people. On YouTube, he has 6,000 subscribers and his most watched video has over a million views. To quote the prodigy himself, “This wasn’t the plan, but now it’s a career. It started as a getaway card for me. I had anger issues, and instead of getting angry I would just walk away and start humming a tune. Playing instruments became easy and boring, but gave me good ears. So what can I say?” Inspired by creativity and emotions Inertia’s sounds captivate the mind. Go check out the video, “Syntex vs. Inertia - American Beatbox Championship 2019” to see what this man is capable of.


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