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Livin' like a local: Gladiators

Kaicie Boeglin


Graphic via Gladiator page on Facebook

Gladiators is the group that makes you want to rock out, dance and get lost deep in thought, all at once. That's solely for the sound. Gladiators is a group caught between stoner rock and progressional metalcore with members that bring their own flare.

Joey Galetta, the vocalist, is capable of showing emotions through vocal range and facial expression. Josh Krantz supplies the skills with the strings as the band's guitarist. Plucking bass cords that shake your speakers is Jeremy Hoover. On drums is Jake Fletcher, palpitating beats - song after song - with the craziest footwork one has ever seen. Together these four men are Gladiators. Although one of a kind, if needed to be placed among others Gladiators could be similar to Deftones, Glassjaw, The Contortionist and Periphery.

Fans have watched this band release song after song and continue to check social media for updates, due to the consistency of the project and the consistency of the sound. Fletcher commented, "what makes our sound different from others in our scene is our approach to songwriting. We try to steer clear of 'what would so and so write' and try to approach it like 'what sound fits here' and what emotion are we trying to convey in this part/song. Our approach to heavy parts is always going to be riff oriented rather than just some chugging patterns. We also love getting real weird with the spacey/ambient parts."

The men aren't scared to experiment with tones and rhythms. They all come with experiences of working with various sounds, bands, people and projects. Fletcher also added that the band's biggest motivation is playing the kind of music that they want to play, not what they think will sell best. The scene and industry is ever changing and expanding.

Fletcher adds, "we have a lot of fun writing together and we're all like minded musicians, which is always a good thing."

The songs released by Gladiators encompass a motive of embracing the human experience, both good and bad. A lesson the band hopes to start trending is to "always strive to be the best through it all."

Gladiators is in the process of writing new material and will be hitting the studio in the early months of 2022. This band worked through the pandemic and returned to live performances as they crept back. They will be playing the kick off show for the two day Christmas Burns Red festival on Dec. 28 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Add Gladiators to your Spotify and Apple Music library. Give a like or drop a comment on their Facebook page, and follow Instagram to stay up to date with all things Gladiators.


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