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Livin’ like a local: Chach

Kaicie Boeglin


Image via Instagram on @chach401_

Rap, hip-hop and RnB are a culture – simple as that. This culture comes from roots that stem from pain turned to strength. Chach is a legend in the making known by all in his field. If you are a rap fan from Rhode Island, then you know Chach is a household name.

Chach was the kid in school on the bus spitting rhymes and entertaining everyone. Now he is getting shout outs from T-Pain and performing with names such as Dave East. This man has taken his passion of writing and speaking his truths full force at all times. Chach, also known as Charles, is the walking deffinition of passion. He is the reason I followed through with my personal career in music journalism – his passion has always inspired others. The person once rumored around the high school halls to be the next big thing, is now rebuilding and rebranding RI's rap culture.

Every music video is beautifully detailed and the lyrics from every track build off another to tell the livelihood of Charles, a.k.a Chach, a.k.a one of RI's Goodfellas. The Goodfellas are idol's for those coming into the RI rap scene.

For one to find solace in music is natural but to find solace in the musician's purpose is magical. From day one, before the career started, the passion was evident and so was the humility. Chach is the person to see his worth and recognize his talents, but he also recognizes the worth and talent of his fans, friends and those who help him along the way. Chach is a true man, myth and legend. After all, name a rapper that doesn't mumble; works daily jobs on top of rapping; appreciates, respects and thanks their fanbase; pumps out relatable tracks and beautifully illustrates their own life story: Chach is all that and more. Watch his videos directed by ILikeThursdays to feel the experience.

This man has a flow that is symbiotic of what Rhode Island underground rap is, as well as what the rap industry loves the most. Chach's flow is all emotion based and is creatively defined by his reality. "As of Lately" needs to be recognized as the anthem of Providence since the story is one felt by the heart of the city. Praise the king who wears the crown with pride and who stays grounded by his people's side.

Chach's music can be found on all platforms – Make sure to stream and share his album "Perspective." I promise you won't regret it. Merchandise for Chach can be found in Cured, located in the Providence Place Mall. Chach uses social media for updates and can be found on Instagram @chach401_ and on Twitter @chach401.

Chach has performed countless shows along the East Coast and has three performances lined up for Rhode Island College. He will be co-headlining the 2022 senior class concert A Sounds Sick Perspective at Fete Music Hall on April 29; he will be performing at the RIC Thirsty Beaver Senior Night on May 6; also, he will be performing at the RIC Wide Pride Carnival taking place on May 11.


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