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Livin’ like a local: Ak40Devin

Kaicie Boeglin

Opinions Editor

Photo by @ak40devinofficial via Instagram

Devin Dwyer is a firm believer of working to change and better life. Known professionally as Ak40Devin, the Rockland County rapper works with a mission and motive that separate him from others. This poet speaks his own life story through words that provide comfort yet evoke thought.

Announcing a plan to drop music videos every Friday this year, the first video “I Been Gone” was dedicated to Dwyer’s son Joey. His motive is family over fame. Dwyer's son is the number one priority. He is Ak40Devin’s pivot, best friend and number one fan. They are in music videos together, and his son is on the album cover for “23.”

Dwyer's music can resonate with everyone: the daily worker, parental figures, students, writers etc. Ak40Devin has tracks of solace, inspirational messages and some party tunes. Emotion is captivated through words but is also present in every music video. Legacy is a top favorite for the demonstration of power, emotion and lyrical excellence. One verse and no chorus, this song is the title track for Ak40Devin's life.

Real life lyrics that are upfront and in your face remind a listener of their own priorities. Dwyer's words provide musical therapy for the emotions of daily struggles. Both pre and post pandemic this man advances and evolves with the industry and business. As said in “50 hour work week,” he truly can revolutionize listeners with just one of of his stanzas: so go find your favorite. Ak40 tracks consist of psychological, philosophical, common sense and street advice. As the discography grows, his flow, mission and purpose remain the same.

"This music is more than amusement, it's honestly therapeutic" -Legacy

“Would you even blink an eye to recognize the real, I got my life on the line, this one way out is do or die” -50 hour work week

Through showmanship Ak40Devin is listed as a visionary. He has performed at Apollo Theater and Gramercy Theater taking reigns on the regional scene. He has performed with bands in various genres and promotes his fellow local musicians.

Dwyer's anchor is producing quality tracks versus working up a fanbase. Fans of Ak40Devin come at will. He understands to gain and keep a fanbase it's about quality rather than quantity and merchandising. However, merchandise is available. He promotes his own music and view to change the modern world. The focus to make music that holds the message of changing the narrative, relieving stress, relating to the average person and stimulating a real life story is what matters.

Ak40Devin is a part of Sound Sick Productions. Like his Facebook page, follow his Instagram, subscribe to his YouTube channel and add him on Spotify to stay up to date with his work.


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