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Livin’ like a local: AER

Kaicie Boeglin

Opinions Editor

Photo via BigBody LLC

All music lovers need to know what 140 means as a genre. AER is a 140 artist that produces his own beats within a spectrum of noise. Aeritan Jarrett, better known as his stage name AER, gave a definition of 140 with not only words, but his overall sound as well.

The genre of 140 is bass music stabilized in 140 beats per minute. Now time for a music lesson: bass music has seven different genres resulting in different beats per minute (bpm). Hip Hop is 85-95 bpm, Glitch Hop is 105-115 bpm, Techno is 120-125 bpm, House is 115-130 bpm, Electro is 128 bpm, Dubstep is 140 bpm (with a half time 70 bpm feel) and Drum/Bass which is 174 bpm.

AER concocts beats in the 140 bass style that are super left field. He tries to stay very bassy while offering a steady 140 tone. The goal is to combine dubstep and electronic dance music to create the ultimate, crazy party tracks. AER is different from other DJs because he makes, mixes and produces his own beats without the help of any song that is already gaining momentum. He does more than spin discs. He knows how to play drums, guitar, saxophone and the didgeridoo. AER crafts drops and tones that instantly make one want to move and groove.

AER was inspired by the above and underground bass scene. He started to make beats in late 2018 and played his first show in mid 2019. The skills AER is equipped with have proven to be a hit as his first show was a rave in Philadelphia with a little over 600 people. AER is all about experimenting with noise and he explains his "straight up experimentation" won't stop until it's found.

The DJ laughed when asked how and why he chose this life. "The life chose me, I have a vision of what I want and need to do, and I will get it done." He spoke the words with great determination. When asked how he was staying determined and motivated during the pandemic, he claimed his love for the art, and of course, the fans, kept him afloat. As any upcoming artist would say, he elaborated on the friends who help him along the way. But as any true artist would say, he claimed the scene as a whole is why he won’t give up the dream.

This eclectic DJ produces sounds, songs and tracks that get people amped and dancing. Whether it's just to get you through the day, or to conquer tonight's party, AER produces quality tunes. AER's music can be found here or on Spotify under BassicallyCollective.


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