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Listen up athletes, RIC has opportunity for you

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Rhode Island College offers a vast amount of sports for both men and women while allocating scholarships to students from across the country. RIC is the place for student athletes to discover a career outlet aligned with their passion. The college is equipped with eight different facilities of sports distinction and 20 different teams.

Despite the lack of co-ed sports teams, RIC offers men a chance to become Anchormen for the baseball, basketball, cross-country, golf, soccer, tennis, track and field (indoor and outdoor) and wrestling teams.

Women have a chance to become Anchorwomen for the female basketball, cross-country, golf, soccer, tennis and track and field (indoor and outdoor) teams. However RIC women also have the chance to be a part of a gymnastics, lacrosse, softball or swimming team.

All participation in Intercollegiate Athletics is only eligible for full-time students. Prospective freshmen should contact the head coach of the interested sport directly to secure proper information. Those students looking to know about compliance and eligibility can call 401-456-9882. Not all sports teams experience home games, teams such as the swimming team strictly travels. RIC also provides on-campus athletic trainers and supplies a trainer for use at all home games for both teams, in the event the away team was traveling without.

The fall varsity schedule consists of men's cross-country, golf and soccer; women's cross-country, soccer, tennis and volleyball. There are non-traditional fall seasons for baseball, softball, women's golf and lacrosse and men's tennis. Winter sports include men's basketball, indoor track, wrestling and women's basketball, gymnastics, swimming and track and field. Spring Sports include baseball, men's tennis, track and field, then women's golf, lacrosse, softball and track and field. There are non-traditional spring seasons for men and women's soccer, women's tennis and women's volleyball.

Student athletes are able to train on campus within the facilities of The Murray Center, The Recreation Center, Pontarelli Field, The Dayna A. Bazar Softball Complex, Alumni Stadium, The Tennis Center, The Varsity Practice Complex and The Student-Athlete Success Center.

All sport specific information can be found directly on the GoAnchormen website. Those looking for athletic administration can contact 401-456-8007; those seeking sports medicine can contact 401-456-8161; athlete academic support is available at 401-456-1952 and the various numbers for each select team is located on The athletic department has a multitude of partnerships with local businesses as well as a sponsorship by PepsiCo.


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