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Lie With me.

Lissette Quiñones

Arts & Entertainment Editor

Image via Anna Rye from Pexels

Throat’s dry, burning with desire to speak of what I keep hidden

Most nights, I drown in the fire but at least it’s a free riddance

Leopards never shed their stripes, nor do tigers

The more you struggle, the brighter the fire

Fueling me is so simple. I could transform into a rainbow

Movement wherever the wind goes, a grand storm when pain grows

I can dance for you and shake my body, with your eyes glued to my waist

With the chance to make this a hobby, I escape your sight to a dry place

Somewhere dreams can make a papered girl crumble to ashes

Become the air and bleed amongst the layers of the world: a jungle of matches

Nothing but animals like myself preying upon innocence and feeding

A light dusting of candles don’t help to slay the filaments if I start heating

Burning the path, burning with wrath, never learning from the past

Hurting those who asked me not to, hurting because of my craft

My words aren’t real so its sustenance is a ruse

It’s a dry burn you’ll feel from the covenant you abuse

Pay with integrity and I retreat to my lair of coal and twigs

A place where you can’t breathe in the air from how cold it is

The walls are made of stone and the ground is lit like fireworks

Crawling within your bones, you drown with me, die, or worse

Show me your true colors and I’ll reciprocate with my fingers crossed

Do to you what you do unto others; making you break and burn our bridges off

Cut all cords aligning me to you and you to I

All the more reason to seal away my truth, for I choose to lie

The freaks come out at night so let me roam with the wildebeests

In the sheets, I choose to lie because it’s home to me, where I’d kill to be

Leopards or tigers; guess we’ve seen them before once or twice

The better the lying, the higher you fly, like lighting a new blunt at night

Sensation is new but that makes it all the more enticing

Waiting patiently is all it takes, for the temperature’s rising

Sooner or later realization will knock you down and quench your thirst

And you too will savor a forbidden craving, befriending a curse

I consider it a gift to keep me satisfied with my inner truth

Should you wish to be aligned at night, I’d gladly show you a thing or two

Because no one should have to conquer a new presence all alone

Like I was and am doing at home, burning darker in the deep end of my corazon

But that’s what motivated my motives and made me a martyr

As you’d hold my waist, you didn’t notice the flames growing darker

With a chance to see what’s left, coverage ripped right off my skin

It’s not as if you’ve slept so here’s another chance to get loss in tonight's sin

Lay right beside me and let’s intertwine with each others normality

Stay through the night with such kindle light and sleep peacefully of who we’re proud to be

The fire will make you sink because you can’t swim, so sleep with me

I’m a liar, so I made you think I loved you when in the end, it was your sweetest dream.


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