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Lakers era has begun

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Jenfrin Rodriguez

Sports Editor

Photo via The Undefeated

With a win over the Miami Heat in game six of the NBA finals, Los Angeles has won championship number 17. Lebron James wins Finals MVP and captures ring number four. Anthony Davis finally obtains the elusive title after joining L.A. The Lakers are always going to be a high value destination target for free agents and after winning a title, now certainly more than ever.

As the offseason progresses, be wary of rumoured stars wanting to play for the Lakers. Whether or not the marquee free agents such as Bradley Beal or Giannis Antetokounmpo actually end up on the team is one thing, but rest assured the offer will be tempting. Oklahoma City Thunder guard Chris Paul is rumored to be an acquisition Lebron is pushing the Lakers to make. A trade would have to be made in order to pull this off and Los Angeles is going to really have to think whether or not they want to trade for a 35-year-old with an $85 million contract.

After the performance Rajon Rondo had throughout the postseason, he has shown he is capable of being another primary ball handler and playmaker. After Rondo decided to opt out of his contract, the Lakers are going to need to pay more than the veterans minimum next year if they wish to retain the two-time NBA champion.

Although Anthony Davis is also a free agent this offseason as well, the consensus is that he will resign after the year they had. His relationship with Lebron is also playing a part as they have been inseparable all year long and genuinely get along with one another. Having Lebron James on your team sets up the franchise in win-now mode, it will be interesting to see how Los Angeles attempts to win back to back titles in such a competitive sport.


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