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Japanese grocery store Maruichi takes over Nightingale

Kaicie Boeglin

News Editor

Calling all foodies and japanese culture lovers, Maruichi Japanese Food & Deli is coming to Providence this spring. Real estate developer Cornish Associates announced the grocery store and deli will be opening in the Nightingale Building in downtown Providence come spring 2024. 

Maruichi is part of the Fuji Mart Corp based in Stamford, Connecticut. Fuji Mart Corp is a company for foodies, by foodies. They are ecstatic to bring their specialization in Japanese groceries and prepared foods to Rhode Island. The company plans to bring the Japanese culture in abundance. Joshua Nakama, Vice President of Fuji Mart Corp shared with ABC6 that, “Maruichi is all about bringing the experience of shopping in Japan to American customers. We’re constantly searching for curious communities that are eager for our unique brand of authenticity and accessibility. We’re lucky to have found that in Providence."

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Providence is the mecca of culture for Rhode Island but some cultures are not as notarized as others. Maruichi coming to Providence allows an immersive experience without the need of a passport while shining light on a community not widely mentioned. During the height of the pandemic many Japanese Americans and Chinese Americans were victims of hate. The Japan Language and Culture Center located in Providence was permanently closed during this time. Despite these events, many local shops, restaurants and RI's Japan-America Society are still going strong.

Maruichi’s atmosphere will provide guests with unique Japanese gourmet discoveries and experiences. The Providence location will be the 11th store since the Maruichi company started in 1991. This in-store café will serve Japanese snacks, matcha lattes, different coffees and teas of Japan and many renowned delicacies. They will be open seven days a week and promise to offer a full range of groceries, Japanese meats and sushi-grade fish. A set opening date has not been shared, but is guaranteed to be open for this spring.


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