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Heavy metal comeback

Joey Krug

A&E Editor

Photo by Joey Krug

As we awoke from a gruesome 2020, emerged into 2021 and witness the approaching 2022, we begin to see the return of major community events such as concerts in local/worldly venues as the almost two years that the world has been stuck in the COVID rut has put a detrimental cloud over the entertainment industry, so a return is the best move to keep the shows alive.

In a more specific sense, the heavy metal music scene all over our world was thrown a huge curveball as there were many bands/acts who were going to further their career or even start their musical journey in tremendous ways, but got horribly sidetracked without warning.

From the perspective of America, what could have been a record-setting summer season of shows in 2020 unfortunately turned into a huge disappointment and long waiting game of quarantine for the community. Luckily in our favor, bands are recovering from their time spent in the queue and unleashing their new material/suppressed feelings onto the world.

To give you a taste of what was supposed to be and what is going to arrive, Motley Crue was going to return to the music scene and play a number of stadium shows with Def Leppard, Poison as well as, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts as supporting acts. Unfortunately, the band had to move their show two years further to 2022 to give plenty of time for COVID to die down and give the musicians the practice they need in order to satisfy their hungry fans. Additionally, the band will be stopping by Boston, MA on October 6th, 2022 which is a perfect Saturday event to attend. Furthermore, the release of their documentary “The Dirt” (2019) via Netflix, gave them enough hype to hold their fans over and even introduce newer followers as it showed their origin all the way to their rise to fame, which is the perfect way to look forward to their true return.

Also, The infamous Slipknot had planned a large-scale U.S. tour with bands such as A Day To Remember, Underoath and Code Orange on their widely known Knotfest Roadshow, but as we all know they had to bring everything to a halt. Fortunately, the band is coming back hard with Code Orange, Fever 333 and even the legendary Killswitch Engage as opening acts on a big U.S. tour to make up for the waiting. Slipknot is even coming to Mansfield, MA at the Xfinity Center on October 8th so you don’t wanna miss them!

To go on an even heavier side of music, the legendary thrash metal band Exodus was supposed to come in swinging with their returning lead guitar player Gary Holt who was on hiatus from the group due to helping a different band, Slayer finish their final tours. Exodus was actually supposed to go to Europe for a big tour with the acts Testament and Death Angel in 2020, but as we know the whole world shut down. Fortunately, Exodus is coming back around with the same two bands and will even appear in Boston on October 27 for a night of fast and brutal moshing.

From hearing all of this, we can remind ourselves that during the most difficult times it is hard to see the brighter future, but right here/right now the horizons seem to be shining in all of our favors with everything opening up and people roaming around more. So keep your head up and hope high, for there are many battles and celebrations that life shall throw at each and every one of us.


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