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“Halloween Kills” is a must-see for all

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

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*Editor's note: This article will not contain spoilers in the sense of scene descriptions or plot depth. However, actor and actress names will be mentioned which may be spoilers to movie buffs. Warning advised.

“Halloween Kills'' is the second part in a movie trilogy detailing halloween night in Haddonfield 40 years after Micheal Myers first attacked Laurie Strode. The iconic Jamie Lee Curtis reprises her role as Strode in a different light with the same intensity. The infamous scream queen drops the scream and shows an audience what it is like to be a queen during a momentous battle.

The 2018 “Halloween” remake was criticized for being a seemingly unfinished story and this is because it truly was unfinished. “Halloween Kills” is the carry out for the action and comedy within the seamlessly driven story, thus promoting the 2022 film Halloween Ends to be the rightful end to the Curtis reprise as Laurie Strode.

All three films were shot simultaneously with a purposeful spread out release. Micheal Myers always manages to make his way home and will let no one stop him. Physically they may get in his way but this embodiment of evil will use anything around as a weapon to destroy the individual. Myers was seen as a simple boogeyman who stalked babysitters, never ran but always caught the victim and only used a large kitchen knife.

This comical, well put together, progressive take on the classic horror franchise showed that every reason the Halloween movies could have been deemed boring has been retrospected. He may or may not be chasing the babysitter after all, or at least not now. This open ended question has been refined within this new film trilogy. Myers will aim for the knife for familiarity but he is now equipping himself with anything useful from common unexpected household items to his attackers own weapons.

The cast of “Halloween Kills'' also includes Andi Matichak who plays Strode's granddaughter Allyson. She is a hard hitting, smart, cunning and brave individual who shows similarity to her grandmother. Allyson’s character is a redefinition of the modern scream queen that uses common sense, skill and heart to take on the monster. Horror movies and feminist films will be modeling characters and plot twists off of Allyson and Laurie Strode for they are progressive without having to try so hard.

The character of Tommy Doyle makes an appearance once again, played by Anthony Micheal Hall. Doyle is amongst six characters to make an appearance within the film from the original 1978 plot. Two original actresses from the 1978 film aside from Curtis also reprise their roles 40 years later. Duly noted is that the film is directed by David Gordon Green not John Carpenter, although the film is produced by both Carpenter and Curtis. Despite a dual launch in both the box office and on streaming service Peacock, the movie racked in $50 million in revenue in its first two showing nights. These first two nights include the Thursday evening pre showings and the Friday opening night showings not the entire opening weekend.

Showcase Cinemas Starr Pass members had the opportunity to book tickets for Thursday night pre showings in advance. As a lover of the franchise and a star pass member, I took advantage of this opportunity to see a showing Thursday night. The night seemed almost normal as patrons were predominantly unmasked and the theater was about 85% full. The theater had moments of bombarded laughter, sudden gasps and moments where every individual talked to the screen. Make sure you see “Halloween Kills'' as soon as possible.


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