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Guess who’s back?: The best superbowl halftime ever.

Lissette Quiñones

Arts & Entertainment Editor

Photo via NFL

Now you may not have had a valentine to cuddle up with this year, but regardless many popped on the sports channel and sayed, “Aye babe, let’s watch the game real quick”, even though the real quick game lasts about three hours, give or take. But single or not, you should’ve said, “Aye, let’s watch this SUPER BOWL HALFTIME SHOW REAL QUICK”. Not only is it relatively quick, but it’s better than the game. This is the truth.

I will start by saying that there will NEVER be a superbowl halftime that will top Super Bowl LVI, because that set the bar so high that even God is like woah. Speaking of God, all props to God for creating each and every one of those incredible, game changing artists that performed up on that stage.

First off, there was “the one and only D. O. DOUBLE G” who’s “rockin’ with the D.R.E”, kickin’ it off with the song “The Next Episode”. That slick beat complementing not only they’re musical gifts, but also their attire. Dr. Dre was seen in an all black outfit while Snoop pulled up wearing that dazzling blue and yellow bandana print 2 piece. While C-walking throughout his performance, Snoop does not fail to show these new young thug wannabe rappers how it’s REALLY done.

Paying major tribute to the west coast, they smoothly transitioned into “California Love”, Dre giving his bars with rhythm and flow. Respects were given to a fallen soldier of this rap game, Mr. Tupac Shakur (Rest In Peace). Out comes many backup dancers, bumping and doin’ their thang on the field, wearing chucks and outfits from back in the day to celebrate the past with style.

Next we have 50 Cent, who after this performance, I think is at least 1 whole dollar by now! Make all the memes you want talkin’ bout “Me, looking for my charger”, but that upside down trick was the business right there! Keeping it aligned with the original music video, the “In Da Club”. The performance got it poppin’ with that red background to accentuate Curtis Jackson even moreso, and those beautiful backup dancers surrounding him. Comin’ in clutch with the classic wifebeater top and some baggy jeans, the headband and all whites on his feet, all kept cool by the ice dripping from his wrist and neck, 50 Cent warmed up the stage for Ms. Mary J. Blige.

Keeping the show a real “Family Affair”, she had no problem telling the haters that she don’t want “No More Drama”. Shining bright in that sparkling top and thigh highs, she put the R and B in the Rhythm and Blues. No autotune, no nothing- that was the real deal right there. See, this performance probably gets the most props, because not only is she a queen, but she was the ONLY FEMALE PERFORMER up on that stage. With the four men performing alongside her that night, this beautiful black woman slayed, so fellas, stay in ya lane.

Adding a little bit of new school to the old school mix, Kendrick Lamar wowed the crowd with his performance of “Alright” from his album, To Pimp A Butterfly. Coming out with customized details from the legend Virgil Abloh, his all black Louis Vuitton fit complemented the fallen designer, and his backup crew was so tight and in formation, it made a line of dominoes look wobbly. This was a powerful performance, considering the symbolism not only coming from the song choice and the lyrics, but the choreography and presentation showing powerful black men standing tall. It represented true strength and excellence.

Keeping the seat warm for the “8 Mile” star, Eminem came crushin’ the stage, breaking down hip-hop stereotypes (as he should though)! His “Lose yourself” performance made ALL viewers lose themselves, and if you didn’t lose yo’self, then you’ve been lost boy, and I have no idea where the hell you’ve been! Wearing those custom Jordan retro 3’s, reading Slim Shady on the back, his gold chain looked fine up against that all black fit. Anderson .Paak went wild on the drums and Dr. Dre came right back in to kill it on that piano, to end the show with an amazing grand finale…

Guess who’s back?…

Yeah, you guessed it- Mr. D.R.E with Snoop D.O DOUBLE G! With the smooth piano playin’ in the back, all musical guests came on stage to finish off with “Still D.R.E.”, which was hands down the best performance of the night. If “the haters say D.R.E fell off,” just know that you fell off, and you had lies spillin’ out your mouth, because this last performance “was the chronic”. I speak real truths, so believe me when I say that my heart was bumping the whole time and chills spread on my skin faster than Usain Bolt runs a race. “If you ain’t up on thangs”, you better get caught up on thangs, so go watch this performance right now. Matter of fact, stop reading this article, and click this link right here:


“REPRESENTING FOR THEM GANGSTAS ALL ACROSS THE WORLD”, Dr.Dre, Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, Mary J. Blige, Kendrick Lamar and Eminem definitely took the Dub on Superbowl night!


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