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Four hidden spots in Providence and North Providence for photographers

Isabella Santoro

Anchor Staff Writer

Graphic by Kaicie Boeglin

There are so many great places and views around Providence and North Providence to take some amazing photos. While the more popular spots in the downtown area and near the water are also wonderful places to take some pictures, some of my personal best photos have come from hidden spaces.

Near The Tracks

There is a beautiful space near some of the train tracks in the Charles area of Providence. This little spot is located at the AAA Providence Headquarters on Royal Little Dr.. If you travel down to the road right after the Walmart on Silver St., you can see a great view of the tracks with some of the downtown skyline in the background. If you look up times that the trains pass, you’ll catch them speeding by. If not, you can get some great shots of creative graffiti art behind the tracks.

City Skyline View

On Fera Street in North Providence, opposite Suburban Travel on Mineral Spring Ave., if you travel up the street and face the travel agency you’ll get an amazing view of the downtown skyline surrounded by houses on both sides. It’s the perfect cover for a magazine, book, or anything of that nature. You can also get good shots at night when all the lights are on. It is a wonderful place to get good night shots because of all the glowing signs and lights.

Near Lincoln School

The east side neighborhood near the Lincoln School for girls is a beautiful area to capture some photos. You will find that the best time to get some photos is around October and November when the leaves are turning, and autumn is in full bloom. Some years there is an author’s event held at the house that you can go to and get some amazing shots of. In the spring time when all the flowers are starting to bloom is also a great time to visit for photography lovers. This area reminds me of the scenery in Lady And The Tramp, it’s so beautiful!

Canada Pond

Behind the North Providence Stop And Shop and located in Providence is a beautiful pond and waterfall scene that is well hidden. So well hidden I didn’t even know it existed until recently. There you can find a gorgeous pond that overlooks vast trees and amazing green scenery. If you’re even looking to film, this would be the best place as it is a gorgeous area. In the fall time would be best to shoot as all the leaves are turning and the water surrounding it preserves the mood of serenity.

Check all of these places out if you’ve never been. Photography lovers will leave each of these hidden spots with a new captured memory.


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