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First few weeks as a freshman: the good, the bad, and Gerald

Kelcy Conroy

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Are you a current high school senior looking at colleges who stumbled upon the newspaper, a transfer student, or just looking to start anew at Rhode Island College? New beginnings in a new place can be stressful, but the process of the first few weeks is actually much different than you may have thought. Here are some tips and tricks for these beginning days and weeks as a freshman navigating uncharted territory

Say “hello” to someone. Whether it’s a roommate, a classmate or someone you just pass on your way to class. Greeting someone can really make a difference, as this person may feel the same way you are about this transition.

Take a walk before classes start and find your halls. There are plenty of resources available on the first day of classes to ask questions, but it’s nice to know the vicinity of where your classes will be. Taking a walk to get some fresh air and to find where you are going is a good reliever of stress.

Living on campus? There are many resources on campus for residents. Weber and Sweet Halls are the two freshman halls this year, while Browne and Penfield Hall are the two upperclassmen halls. Resident Assistants (RAs) will be available with any questions or issues you have while living on campus, but you can also go to the Office of Residence Life and Housing, located in the back of Penfield Hall. Both resources are a great help, whether you are locked out or if any other issues and questions arise.

Attend events. On-campus events happen all the time. From paint nights to movie screenings to bingo to beach parties, there’s something for everyone. Most of these events are also free, and sometimes are run by organizations on campus

that you can learn more about and potentially join.

Schoolwork will start the first week of class, it’s normal. In many classes, teachers will briefly go over their syllabus, and then will start teaching. From experience, it’s usually light work the first week. Every teacher also offers office hours where you can ask them anything about the class.

Say “hello” to Gerald. Gerald the Turkey, known more as Geráld, is the unofficial school mascot. He and his crew are usually seen walking across parking lots harassing cars. If you see this clan of turkeys, don’t be afraid to watch them for a minute, as none of them are violent. Just don’t feed them.

Get involved. With 80+ clubs and organizations, it’s easy to find a group you may be interested in. Joining even one of these groups might lead you to find friends that last a lifetime.

Transitions from high school to college, or from one college to another, can be stressful. However, here at Rhode Island College, I have found that this transition can actually be easier than expected if you just go with the flow. Good luck!


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