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Fall into a Healthier You

Mel Rising Dawn Cordeiro


Beginning Oct. 10 and running through Nov. 14, students will have the opportunity to participate in the “Fall into a Healthier You” program. The program runs weekly and will be on Zoom starting at noon.

Sponsored by the Health and Wellness Center, the Fall into a Healthier You program is designed to help students make better dietary choices, increase exercise and movement opportunities, improve sleep habits, support emotional needs and improve overall well-being and health.

The meetings include discussions on healthy foods, portion sizing, label reading, budget buying, on-the-go foods and mindful eating. Students also have the opportunity to learn about exercise habits, sleep hygiene and stress reduction techniques.

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This program also includes an introduction to the Recreation Center on campus. The Rec Center, whose website can be found here, is the center of our Athletic Department. Access to the gym and swimming pool are open to all students, provided they fill out the membership information forms.

In addition to this program, the Health and Wellness Center supports a “Walk for Health '' on Mondays and Thursdays, beginning on October 12th and running through November 13th. Those who are interested in participating will meet on the quad in front of the library. Everyone is encouraged to join.

Those who are interested in participating in the “Fall into a Healthier You” program are asked to register via this link.

The link to the first Zoom meeting link can be found here. If the link does not work properly, the meeting ID number is 847 6520 8695 and the passcode is V2iFXEYM.

The Health and Wellness Center provides holistic and confidential physical and mental health care for the Rhode Island College student body. For more information on this program and other services Health and Wellness Center provides, please visit their website here or call 401-456-0855.


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