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Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Kaicie Boeglin

Opinions Editor

Corruption by money and greed,

But what is power? Bring it back to Machiavelli...

Is it better to be feared or loved?

Check box number 3: None of the above.

The ones that care get shot on the spot,

And the ones who bring evidence from the dark-

become moving targets for the government darts.

But even on a lower scale...

It's no different, for the sirens still wail.

They follow deserted trails.

Finding an innocent to receive the hammer and nail.

No face, no case, you did not find me in this place,

So let's just blame that guy and spare this wild goose chase.

The political design is something you learn over time,

The great battle royale is the irony of crime.

Our present is our history in the actions of a mime.

Do you know what happens when you dare walk the line?

Neither JFK or Lincoln obeyed...

They weren't scared to talk-

and think in their own way.

But with breaking the norm...

They casted the nation into a storm.

Which veered off the social script,

promoting a goal and they got killed for it.

Executive privilege goes when you testify as a witness,

to the secrets that the country wished would stay hidden.

He provided you with how,

Sent on a whistle from Moscow.

A snowed-in hero or a convicted traitor?

Well would you rather know now or realize it later?

Built on slavery, we learned how to live civilly

But there's still shade in the way that crime is based on how skin is made.

From assassination to incarceration,

There are many consequences for trying to unite a nation.

Even just standing up for what you believe in could be wrong when everyone is open to their own opinion.

In this political masquerade, the necessary and proper clause makes our fate.

And our leader is just a pawn in the game.

To be a politician is the fastest claim to fame.

But be careful what you say, Big brother will always run this place.


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