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Ed Pacheco ends his congressional campaign

Raymond Baccari

News Editor

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Former RIC Administrator Ed Pacheco suspended his campaign for Congress on Tuesday March 22.

“While public service has always been a part of my life and I believe it is important to elect

candidates committed to bettering the lives of others, I have decided to suspend my campaign

for Congress. Recognizing the amount of resources necessary to run a competitive campaign,

I’ve concluded it would be extraordinarily difficult to raise the money in this election cycle. This

experience signals for me the need for campaign finance reform, leveling the playing field for

everyday Americans to participate in our Democracy,” Pacheco said in a statement.

Speculations started that Pacheco would run for Mayor of Warwick – but his campaign confirmed that this isn't the case.

Joy Fox, another candidate running for the seat, agrees with Pacheco’s calls for campaign finance reform.

“I’ve known Ed for almost 18 years; his argument for campaign finance reform is absolutely right,” said Fox in a statement.

“When millionaires can just move in and decide they’ll speak for us, how can we expect everyday Americans to make our voices heard?”

The calls for campaign finance reform could be referencing Treasurer Seth Magaziner’s sizable war chest. Magaziner has around $1.7 million in his campaign account.

Pacheco’s plans are to ensure the winner of the seat in November is a Democrat.

“As a lifelong Democrat and former chairperson of the RI Democratic Party, you can be assured

I will do my part to send a Democrat to Congress in 2022. Fortunately, we have several

talented candidates seeking the Democratic nomination. I look forward to continuing to

advocate for the issues that motivated me to consider running for Congress in the first place,” says Pacheco.

Pacheco’s exit offers the other Democratic candidates an opportunity to pick up that vote share. Currently seven other Democrats remain in the race: Magaziner, Fox, Sarah Morgenthau, Dr. Omar Bah, David Segal, Michael Neary and Cameron Moquin. Segal hasn’t formally launched his campaign but is raising money for a run. Three Republicans are running for the seat: Allan Fung, Bob Lancia and Jessica de la Cruz.

It’s likely the field of candidates will decrease before the September primary.



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