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Notes From The Wise

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

For every second you stop, your enemy inches closer

Life is a non stop rollercoaster,

Full of suspense and wrongful turns

Reminiscing on memories you wish would burn,

But with any mistake comes wisdom, over time you start you learn,

The things most tantalizing-

Are used most when analyzing-

The mysteries of the world...

An enemy of an enemy is thy friend,

Different prerogatives fueled by the same dread,

You never really notice until the very end,

The battle of the world doesn't compare to the war in your head,

Sink or swim?

Fill every moment with the emotions from within

But then-

You'll see, the cleanse that comes to be,

True self reflection is the reality of a dream.

Certain opinions will rip you at your seams.

But if you listen wisely, you'll learn how to walk the balance beam.

Keep your eyes on the prize,

Never stray from the path and always think outside

the box of thought, because that's where we get lost.

Others will try to stop you, it's how they get off.

Rumors make our future, as a reputation our past,

You aren't the first to go through this and you most certainly won't be the last.

Our present is the shadow of our history,

Whereas what's next is meant to be,

But it's nothing the modern eye can see,

Sometimes there's fate, other times you need to make your own destiny.

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