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Deck the halls of RIC

Samantha Gervais

Anchor Staff Writer

Image via Pexels/Peter Fazekas

Going into Gaige Hall last week, I didn’t really feel any holiday spirit on campus. It felt a little dreary and I felt a little bummed, to be honest. But the more I looked around, I noticed that to my left at the Murray Center there were holiday wreaths hung up. “That’s awesome!” I said out loud to myself. I found myself then looking for little decorations around the school for the rest of the day, wishing I saw a lot more.

Around this time of year, it seems that many struggle to get into the holiday spirit. I know everyone has their reasons, but now more than ever, we have a reason to celebrate and to decorate.

I propose the question to my peers at Rhode Island College: Should the school decorate more for this festive time of year?

Here are my thoughts on the matter: Absolutely. What have we got to lose? Seeing just that little merriment on the Murray Center was something small, but brought such a spark of joy. The world, and everything the news shows us, is nothing short of abysmal nowadays. There are nothing but reports of something bad always happening and we seem to forget that there is still good in the world going on.

Now, I know what a lot of people are going to say that Christmas music is annoying and they can’t stand it, but hear me out. I’m not saying that Rhode Island College has to blast Mariah Carrey over the loudspeakers and everyone has to walk around with a Santa hat on, that’s far from it. I simply feel that decorating just a little bit more around the campus can really boost some people’s moods.

Maybe some students don’t have that opportunity in their homes and it can make them feel a little warmer inside, coming to campus and seeing it decorated. Seeing the effort put into somewhere that you are at for hours and hours a day can make it feel more like home. RIC works hard to make us feel at home, so why not treat it and even decorate it like it is our home away from home?

Give me your thoughts. RIC, let’s try to step it up a little bit next year and decorate just a touch more for the festive seasons.


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