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Crisis averted: The New England Musicians Relief Fund

Graphic via @nemusiciansfund (Twitter)

Lissette Quiñones

Arts and Entertainment Editor

It’s no secret that the Omicron variant has made life a living hell for all of us, but one population that’s been especially suffering are the up and coming local musicians out there. Due to the large number of positive COVID cases here in New England, it gave many performing art venues no other choice but to shut down for the time being in attempts to prevent any further spreadings. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that tons of music careers have been put to an end.

Thanks to organizations like the New England Musicians Relief Fund (NEMRF), some artists have found help during these dark times. Created to provide relief for those in need, the purpose of NEMRF is to give aid to musicians who cannot afford to provide for themselves on their own. Since many restrictions have been put in place, many things like show cancellations, a major decline in ticket sales and lack of available venue bookings has made it nearly impossible for artists to pay basic necessities. That’s why the NEMRF makes it their top priority to donate to dedicated musicians who aren’t going to let some virus stop them from pursuing their life long dreams.

Originally started back in the year 2020 when the first ever COVID-19 shutdown occurred, the New England Musicians Relief Fund has donated almost $500,000 in aid to dire musicians out there. If you yourself are a musician or you know someone who is a starting musician and are facing some very difficult times right now due to this everlasting pandemic, do not hesitate to get some help! Go to and fill out the application.

For more recent notifications from NEMRF, be sure to look for them on facebook, twitter, and instagram.


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