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COMM majors, meet the $15,000 Rhode Island PBS scholarship

Raymond Baccari


Photo via Donald Tong/Pexels

Communication majors at Rhode Island College have an opportunity to apply for a renewable, $15,000 scholarship. Applications for the annual Rhode Island PBS scholarship are now open.

According to the Rhode Island Foundation’s website, this scholarship that was first created in 2017 is geared toward “residents of the station’s demographic market area who demonstrate promise of a successful career in the fields of broadcasting, communications, and/or journalism.”

Students applying for this scholarship need to be either a senior that’s graduating high school planning to attend a four-year college, or a student who’s attending one currently.

This $15,000 scholarship is given to the student annually, and can be for three more years.

Students who plan to apply will be asked by the Rhode Island Foundation to include a letter of recommendation. Additional requirements for a complete application include:

  • Being a resident of Rhode Island or Bristol County, Massachusetts.

  • Showcasing merit toward a thriving career in either journalism, broadcasting or communications.

  • A student financial aid report.

  • Filling out the student resume worksheet.

  • Filling out the online form.

  • Proof of residency.

Those who currently work for Rhode Island PBS or children and immediate family members of employees aren’t eligible for this scholarship.

This scholarship is something that can cover an incoming or current RIC Communication major’s full tuition each year. As of 2023, RIC’s in-state tuition and fees add up to around $11,000 a year for a full-time, undergraduate student.

Students who may want to add on to their resume for this scholarship have several on-campus organizations they could join. Student organizations such as Anchor TV, 90.7 WXIN and The Anchor newspaper offer opportunities that add to a resume for eligible applicants.

Students who have applied in the past for a Rhode Island Foundation grant will need to create a new application.

The deadline to submit an application is April 5 by 5 p.m.

Additional questions about this scholarship can be directed to Monica Benson, scholarship and special funds administrator for the Rhode Island Foundation. Benson can be reached via email at or by phone at 401-427-4017.


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