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Best Places Around RIC To Capture Autumn Photos

Isabella Santoro

Anchor Staff Writer

Graphic via

Henry Barnard School

Right in front of Henry Barnard school, located on the Rhode Island College campus, is an amazing place to capture the many beautiful trees with their leaves falling and turning vibrant shades of red, orange and yellow. There is a huge tree right near the Barnard sign that would be a wonderful picture to take or a gorgeous scenery. Next to Henry Barnard stands Alex and Ani Hall. It would be worth your while to get some awesome photos of the leaves and trees.

Governor Notte Park

This breathtaking park is located in North Providence five or so minutes away from campus, there you can capture the water, the trees and the scenery that is truly the best in the fall time. Here the trees are just magnificent and always show some of the best colors around. Near the Lowes in North Providence; take that left if you’re passing Lowe’s and a right if you’re going towards it. Just two minutes later, you’ll see some tennis courts and there you are. Try and get there early to get a good parking space.

Burnside Park

This amazing small park right in the center of Providence is sure to provide some gorgeous fall scenery pictures. A beautiful fountain in the center and a great view of the city surround you. One can’t go wrong with this view and the pictures they could capture. This park is situated in Kennedy Plaza near the Kennedy station and is very easy to walk through and get shots of.

India Point Park

This park with a charming water view is located in Providence, closer to East Providence. It resides in Fox Point of Providence, behind the Hilton Garden Inn. You can get great pictures of the water and all the trees surrounding it. You can walk through this great park and get some awesome pictures of the trees that are right above you. They often have some rich yellow and light orange colors that are so pretty!

Roger Williams Park Zoo

Both the park and the zoo are some great areas to capture photos. The park has a vast landscape of water and trees to get photos of. The zoo shows off the animals with the exquisite fall scenery in the background. Located in South Elmwood of Providence, you can take the highway and get there in no time at all!


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