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Askew comedy open mic tuesdays

Kaicie Boeglin

Opinions Editor

Photo via Rhode Island Monthly

PROVIDENCE, R.I. -- Locked away in a corner of Providence is Askew, a bistro and entertainment venue. This venue is all about the local scene, promoting local art, music and comedy. All artistic platforms on the local level stroll through this venue. Every Tuesday night is the open mic session for amateur and Veteran comedians to project new material.

Askew is the place for prospective comics to go and cultivate their material. This open mic presents a networking opportunity for all comics. Comedians from all over Rhode Island and surrounding states come to this venue.

Askew is known for their strong support for social movements and is a LGBTQ/BLM/Comedian friendly venue. Askew does not censor the mic, but does ask all comics to keep this in mind and to keep their jokes “classy.” Each open mic event page states "Discrimination & Bullying are NOT cool nor acceptable, so support the room & each other! No sense in practicing un-bookable comedy! Welcome to the 'No 2G Territory'!"

The bar opens at 6:00 pm and comedians can sign up for a slot until 6:30 pm. Although the list out is at 6:30 pm, comics can front load to the following week's schedule. The show starts at 7:00 pm and lasts until every comedian has performed. Each time slot receives five minutes, and each week’s comic count is not guaranteed until night of. Some comics use their time to build off and expand on one another's jokes. The jokes are timely and funny, so by the end of the night you forget how much time has actually passed.

Spectators are admired and sometimes called into a joke. Askew and each comedian respectively thank spectators for supporting local comedy. They ask that the audience be courteous, don't heckle the comics and try to keep the table talk to a minimum. COVID-19 precautions are in effect: masks need to be worn unless seated at your table; contact tracing is needed for all parties entering the bar in accordance to state guidelines; sanitization is a high priority of the venue. Askew sanitizes the microphone between each set, offers microphone covers, and allows outside microphones to suit all entertainer preferences. Servers walk the floor clearing tables and replenishing drinks extending the best customer service.

Every week features a different guest host, and a different line up but will always result in a great evening. The drinks are tasty and surely satisfying. The food is superb and is becoming well known around Rhode Island. Askew's beer battered chicken tender sliders paired with any of their cocktails are legendary. If you get bored on a Tuesday night, you need to check out Askew’s Open Mic for Comedy.


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