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Anchorwomen volleyball still off to great start despite Salve Regina defeat

Jamila Coleman

Anchor Contributor

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Tuesday, the Anchorwomen’s volleyball team faced off against Salve Regina, a private university located in Newport, for their fourth game of the season. RIC hoped to continue their 3-0 winning streak in this away game that lasted for one hour and 16 minutes.

In volleyball, it's a best three-out-of-five, meaning whoever wins three matches first, wins the game. The winner must win by at least 2 points and be the first to get to 25 points. However, that number lowers to 15 in the fifth set so the match goes the distance, leaving little room for any type of error.

During the first set, Salve Regina started off with a strong lead. The Seahawks came out aggressive and would go on to win set number one by a score of 25-12. In this set, the Anchorwomen had three kills and 26 total attempts. This set's final would be the biggest lead that the Seahawks would have on the Anchorwomen throughout the entirety of their matchup.

In the last two frames, the Anchorwomen's performance was at a game high. They managed to push Salve Regina into a corner during the second match, and were soon enough toe-to-toe with the Seahawks, only trailing by a point (15-14). The hosts eventually broke open their one-point lead, defeating RIC in the second frame by a score of 25-20.

The third match was just as intense as the second. Both teams were tied up at 5 points a piece for quite some time before the Seahawks cruised to a 16-9 lead. Salve Regina managed another scoring run, and would secure their third and final win by a score of 25-16, thus ending the game.

Notable RIC mentions in this game were North Attleboro native and senior Amelia Murphy. Murphy led the team in kills and digs, having six kills and seven digs. Alongside Murphy, sophomore Megan Philbrick from Johnston, and senior Janelly Polanco from Providence had five and two kills, respectively.

In spite of this loss, the Anchorwomen have been off to an incredible start. They are currently 3-1, ending two of their three wins in just three matches. The Anchorwomen’s next match will be a Little East conference home game on Sept. 17 against Western Connecticut State (1-7) at noon.


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