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Anchorwomen’s swimming sails past UMass Dartmouth

Jenfrin Rodriguez

Sports Editor

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Swimming is a sport that rarely gets recognition and publication during their season. The sport is not viewed as one of the more popular sports at the highest level and in college it is no different. However, the Anchorwomen's swimming team is hoping their recent outing can carry their momentum far. While 1-1 so far, RIC was dominant in their 154-65 victory over UMass Dartmouth.

The Anchorwomen can thank sophomore Sidney Almeida for their performance as she placed first in three events. Almeida won the 200 yard medley race with a time of 2 minutes and 20.05 seconds, and the 50 yard breaststroke with a final time of 39.36 seconds. The last race she won came in the 100 yard breaststroke with a time of 1:24.34. In addition to her dominant showing, Almeida placed third in the 200 yard IM. RIC will continue to need days like this from her if they hope to win their future meets.

Sophomore Meaghan Aucoin also did exceptionally well. She placed first in the events of her own. The three events she won were the 100 yard backstroke, 50 yard butterfly and the 400 yard freestyle relay. Aside from those wins, she came up just a bit short in the 200 yard freestyle where she came in second.

Junior Wenona Alexander and sophomore Meghan LaFlamme did not get left behind as they won three events each. Alexander won the 500 yard freestyle, 1000 yard freestyle and 400 yard freestyle relay while also coming in second place in the 100 yard freestyle. LaFlamme took the 50 yard backstroke, 50 yard freestyle and 400 yard freestyle relay. She came in second place in the 100 yard backstroke as well.

Juniors Mary McBride and Brooke Galbraith helped RIC as they each placed first, second and third in three separate races respectively. Although their performance got overshadowed by the previously mentioned teammates, they can hold their heads high knowing they contributed tremendously.

Rounding out the victories for the Anchorwomen’s swimming team were the three sophomores in Marta Matzko, Allison Picchioni and Marie Synian. Each of them came in first in their own races as well near wins with multiple second and third place finishes.

As the season progresses, the team will be in good hands knowing they have a consistent roster who can produce the results they can. In addition to the upperclassmen who can take over a meet, there are also many underclassmen who are contributing early on in their careers.

RIC is the home of incredible athletes, especially women. Over the years, women have been breaking into sports and showing they are here to stay. The latest group of individuals to do so is the Anchorwomen’s swimming team.

Next up for Rhode Island College is a matchup at Gordon College on Saturday, Nov. 13 at noon.


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