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Anchorwomen Lacrosse returning home

Cameron Iasimone

Assistant Sports Editor

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The women's lacrosse program at RIC was a work in progress before the start of the season. The returning seniors and coaching staff were not sure if there would be a season for this spring because of the lack of players who were involved. The team didn't have the numbers until the very last minute and were able to assemble a squad for the start of their first game.

The seniors in Olivia Carpenito, Shelby Brooks, and Natalie Kulacz only have two more games in their collegiate playing careers coming up this week. Between the three, they have combined so far for 13 goals, 8 assists, and 21 total points. Unfortunately, so far throughout nine games, they sit at a 1-8 record overall and 0-5 in the Little East Conference.

Sophomore Hannah Marley mentions, however, how helpful the three senior captains have been in welcoming her and most of her teammates in their first season playing lacrosse. "Even though it has been a tough season, they all keep their heads up high and focus on what we can work on. Everyone is so supportive and if something didn't go your way on the field, someone was always there regardless to bring you back up."

Marley speaks for the rest of her team as well when she says Carpenito, Brooks and Kulacz are all hardworking players and have paved the way for the up-and-coming players.

"Not even on the field but making the connections off the field as well like on campus, bus rides and dinners, it has helped us grow every game to create better chemistry and build friendships too. I really hope next year the rest of us can instill that for more girls to join."

Not only was this the first year a lot of these Anchorwomen were introduced to their teammates and the sport, but coaches Jessica Trautman and Hannah Ambrosia also returned home in their first season of coaching the team at their alma mater. Both Trautman and Ambrosia played lacrosse at RIC and left their mark on the field. The senior captains, along with the rest of the team, have learned a lot from the people who have had the most experience in the sport and are on the right track to succeed.

Currently, Sophomore Maddie Kross has been leading the team with 12 goals, 2 assists and 14 points. Kross had a season-high 5 goals in the Anchorwomen's only win so far of the season at Mitchell College 12-9. The upcoming schedule for the Anchorwomen consists of the University of Southern Maine and Keene State, both games on their home grounds.

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