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Alpha Sigma Phi takes home the gold at a national conference

Shawnna Forget

News Editor

This summer, the brothers of the Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity attended Elevate. At this bi-annual conference, brothers from different colleges nationwide come together for one weekend of leadership training, networking and brotherhood. The meeting occurred from July 13 to July 16 in Hartford, Connecticut. This event culminates in the Cardinal & Banquet on the last evening, where individual brothers and chapters receive recognition for hard work and dedication to college communities.

The Rhode Island College chapter received the Alpha Sigma Phi Gold Cup. This cup is presented each year for achieving exceptional recognition as a model chapter for ideals such as philanthropy, brotherhood, community service and campus involvement. Among the 180 chapters present at the conference, RIC’s Alpha Sigma Phi was one of only 10 to receive distinct recognition. The fraternity is the newest chapter to receive a Gold Cup and the first one as a chapter.

Photo by TJ Lacourse

Alpha Sigma Phi began at RIC as a provisional group in 2018 and is the first fraternity in over 50 years to receive chartering rights from their national organization at RIC. Alpha Sigma Phi members TJ Clifford, former president Tristan Lacourse, current president, and Michael Rossi, vice president of membership retention, explain the significance of this win for the fraternity: “This national recognition is a physical representation of the hard work and dedication the RIC chapter has done over the past year.” This charter is a document that gives a college chapter full privileges and recognition in the eyes of the National Organization.

The chapter will receive chartering privileges on September 30th, 2023. The fraternity's next goal is to win the Grand Senior Presidents at a future national conference, which is the highest honor a chapter can receive.

Looking to the future, Alpha Sigma Phi hopes to continue to be a positive force for community and change at RIC. This gold cup win shows the RIC community that the fraternity is a beneficial factor to campus and student life and a personal reward for each member who joins.



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