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401 Street Life season begins

Kaicie Boeglin

Opinions Editor

Photo by Robert D. Photography

2021 will be a year to remember for anybody who loves 401 Street Life. The car community's founder, Kyle McLoughlin, and Vice President Nyx Varlett ensure a summer filled with events, prizes and surprises, as well as some very attractive vehicles.

The season began on April 11 and will continue till late November. Weekly meets are held Sundays at Ann & Hope in Warwick. Biweekly meets will be hosted Wednesdays at Atlantic Mills in Providence and Fridays at The Warwick Mall.

The 401 Street Life meets are the places to see projects, daily's, exotics and classics. Muscle or modern, import or export, something will catch everyone's eyes. “Even if you come out just for the fun of the event, just come!” said Varlett. “We all start somewhere, so whether it’s a daily or a project, a diamond in the rough or a masterpiece - we don’t judge. The admiration for the car community connects us all.”

The showcases promise rows of motorcycles, Jeeps, heavy duty trucks and American muscle. Expect to see a Hellcat, Skyline, Supra, BRZ and Camaro all in one sitting. Rhode Island meets Fast and the Furious.

Vendors will be set up at each meet with merchandise for 401 Street Life, including pop up visits from Untamed Auto Club vendors. Some meets will be equipped with food trucks while others are endorsed by a business. Varlett arranged a Friday night discount with the Warwick Mall food court.

As a non-profit organization, 401 Street Life has a staff made up of mechanics, car buffs, marketers, graphic artists and photographers. Networking has allowed the 401 Street Life team to score surprises for this summer's raffle drawings. Businesses such as R1 Indoor Karting and Body Canvass PVD Custom Tattoo show support for founder McLoughlin and the growing car community.

401 Street Life has working contracts and insurance with all three properties. In order to keep these spots it is asked that the attendees adhere to the strict event rules. No burnouts, no two-stepping (revving) and no alcohol. Staff will be positioned at all entrances to produce an organized traffic flow.

All the car meets are family-friendly events.

New England car lovers can find information regarding the upcoming events on Facebook and Instagram.


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