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401 Street Life

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

By: Kaicie Boeglin

Opinons Editor

Before the season ends, come explore one of Rhode Island's biggest and baddest car communities -and the highlight to your pandemic year- 401 Street Life. A car club founded and formed by Providence native Kyle Mcloughlin has risen to extreme popularity this past summer.

Graphic: Matt Mattenson

Marketed by word of mouth, 401 Street Lifeis a small collective of inspiration that currently holds a meet every Sunday. The car meets are held at the Rhode Island mall, in the Planet Fitness and At Home parking lot. All are encouraged to come, and are very much welcomed. Regardless of if you bring a daily driver, a project, an antique, or something futuristic, you are bound to have a great time.

All 401 Street Life meets are family-friendly events. As the cars file in and park, individuals see everything from a Supra, to a classic Camaro, to an electric lime green Chevy S10. Works or art, or works in p

rogress, there is more to behold than just the vehicles. The community surrounding the car scene is devoted to the cars themselves as well as one another. Mcloughlin built his team from friends he considers family. However, the staff is enriched with various skills across the board. Promotion, marketing, photography, graphic design and more. Cars may be the main focus but they are not the only one. Aside from the cars and the people you can also expect to see a food vendor and hear some good tunes.

Mcloughlin's community has held events that have seen over 400 cars. For anyone seeking a Fast and the Furious fix, meets are currently held every sunday at 6 p.m. until further notice. You will see things at these meets that you'll be racing to get pictures of. Have you ever seen a 1987 Volvo 244 DL glisten in the sun and decked out in a plethora of stickers? Have your eyes gazed upon the slick black 1988 Monte Carlo cruising the highway, with a gigantic sunrise gold 401 Street Life banner? What about Espeon the Eclipse, the Miata gang, or any of the countless cars representing their 401 Street Life banners. These banners are also for sale at every meet in a variety of colors for $15 a piece.

As the seasons begin to change to winter the car meets will come to a close. Follow the collective on Instagram and Facebook to stay in touch with pop up meets and other events. Also clear your calendars for Nov. 1, as 401 Street Life is honored to join other car groups for a Toys for Tots drive. This event will be the sixth of its kind, and is hosted by Untamed Auto Club, 1170 Designs, and 990WBOB


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