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2023 Student Leadership Awards are Tuesday, April 11

Raymond Baccari


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The 2023 Rhode Island College Student Leadership Awards are scheduled for this month on Tuesday, April 11 at 6 p.m. in the Student Union Ballroom.

Last month, Rhode Island College students, faculty and staff were asked to nominate students who they felt exemplified student leaders on campus. There were several categories such as rising star, student employee, vital contribution to the community, etc.

“The student leadership awards is one of the most significant annual student events each year, since it brings forth the names and faces of students who exemplify what leadership means,” Kristen Salemi, director of the student union, said about the ceremony.

Following the nomination period, over 60 students were nominated for an award. All 60 of those students are going to be given a certificate of nomination, and the winners of these awards will be announced during the award ceremony next week.

There are a total of seven award categories:

  • Alan Chille Leadership Excellence.

  • Rising Star.

  • Campus Spirit.

  • Vital Contribution to the Community.

  • Student Employee.

  • Outstanding Graduate Student Leadership.

  • And Organization Outreach.

This annual awards ceremony first began in 2009, after being organized by then-Director of Student Activities, Marissa Weiss and RIC alumnus Alan J. Chille.

Chille, who one of the awards are named after, attends the event every year and awards the recipient of the Alan Chille Leadership Excellence award, which Salemi described as “the pinnacle honor presented annually to a RIC senior who exemplifies what it means to be a student leader.”

These are the following students nominated for each of the seven awards.

Alan Chille Leadership Excellence:

  • Thomas Clifford.

  • Amber Duffy.

  • Madison Holden.

  • Bianca Lancellotti.

  • Shannon McDonald.

  • Nicole Morrison.

  • Keesha Sanchez.

  • Brian Villa.

  • Nancy Xiong.

Rising Star:

  • Evelyz Agosto.

  • Asley Corrales.

  • Mel Rising Dawn Cordeiro.

  • Paola Diaz.

  • Icelys Dieguez.

  • Jack Doyle.

  • Samantha Gervais.

  • Thalia Guardarrama.

  • Victoria Gyamfi.

  • Tyler Jackman.

  • Samantha Kaiser.

  • Jordan Ross.

  • Hydin Stallman.

  • Enobong Umoren.

Vital Contribution to the Community:

  • Yonas Dabi.

  • George Dauda.

  • Nilah Dereje.

  • Madison Holden.

  • Miguel Hoyos.

  • Samantha Kaiser.

  • Ashley Ortiz.

  • Mackenzie Raimond.

  • James Torres.

  • Enobong Umoren.

Campus Spirit:

  • Asley Corrales.

  • Jack Doyle.

  • Orli Juarez.

  • Shannon McDonald.

  • James Torres.

Outstanding Graduate Student Leadership:

  • Kaila Carroll.

  • Isabel Cote.

  • Emily DeLuca.

  • Savannah Finan.

  • Victoria Gamache.

  • Sara Gilkenson.

  • Ana Gonzalez – Dickenson.

  • Melinda Groff.

  • Stephen Masi.

  • Melissa Mejia.

  • KP Peralta.

  • Lindsay Petit.

  • Casey Smith.

  • Brynn Terry.

  • Ronya Traynham.

  • Destiny Zepeda.

Student Employee:

  • Lauren Cenedella.

  • Marisleysis Contreras.

  • Sarah Cueto.

  • Francisco Gonzalez Perez.

  • Thalia Guardarrama.

  • Jeniyah Jones.

  • Theresa Vasco.

  • Myshara Whittington.

Organization Outreach:

  • Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity.

  • G.A.M.E.R.

  • Latin American Student Organization.

  • Student Nurse Association.

“These students, who are so incredible and involved in such a variety of ways, contribute wholeheartedly to our campus and community and truly deserve the recognition they receive,” Salemi said. “If they give so much of themselves and contribute to their world in such a robust way, now while they're managing academic[s] and also fitting in a life, I can't wait to watch and see what they continue to make of their efforts after they graduate!”

There is a keynote speaker for this ceremony every year. Typically, the speaker is someone who graduated from RIC. This year’s speaker is Joshua Laguerre, who graduated in 2010 and was president for both Student Community Government and Harambee during his time at RIC.

A list of past recipients from previous years can be found here. Those who wish to attend the event can do so by RSVPing here.


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