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100 new scholarships available for RIC students

Raymond Baccari

News Editor

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RIC students have the opportunity to apply for nearly 100 new scholarships until May 9. All 100 scholarships come from the Rhode Island Foundation, valuing up to $600,000 in total. This means that each student who is awarded a scholarship can get up to $6,000.

The funding for these scholarships comes from the Foundation's new Robert G. and Joyce Andrew College Scholarship Fund. The Andrews were donors of the Foundation. This gift is the Foundation’s highest amount donated in its history.

“Ensuring the legacy of generous donors who want to support the community over many years is core to the work of the Rhode Island Foundation. We are honored that Bob and Joyce Andrew trusted us to preserve their legacy with these scholarships, which will benefit so many now and well into the future. Each year these funds will make a meaningful and lasting difference in the lives of each of the many recipients,” said Neil D. Steinberg, President and CEO of the Rhode Island Foundation.

The scholarships are intended for students who are both undergraduates and demonstrate financial need.

“Bob and Joyce loved Rhode Island. It was home. They recognized the importance of education, but realized most kids couldn’t afford it; they certainly couldn’t afford it when they were young. They wanted to pass along the opportunity and gift of education, yet keep it in Rhode Island,” said Drew Davies, co-executor of the Andrew estate and a friend of the couple.

Students who are awarded the scholarships can renew them for three academic years.

The Andrews committed to donating a portion of their estate to the Foundation 25 years ago. In 2015, Bob passed away at the age of 81. After Joyce passed away three years later, Davies started to finalize the details they had for part of their estate. Once all the details were settled, the donation increased to be worth up to $12 million.

“Bob and Joyce would be humbled by the joy their gift will bring. The magnitude of this gift will carry on for generations and change many lives,” said Davies.

“This is a celebration of their lives. Helping these students fulfill their educational dreams is their legacy.”

The Andrews were happily married for 59 years and grew up in the city of Providence. Bob served in the U.S. Army. After returning home, he and Joyce invested in real estate. Bob then worked in commercial real estate and started multiple small businesses prior to retiring. Joyce worked at Citizens Bank as a teller.

More information about the scholarships can be found at



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