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We need to hold our politicians accountable

Mia Rasptani

Assistant News Editor

Photo via US news & World Report

As ecstatic as many were since Joe Biden left the presidential election victorious, his actions have not reflected much good. A modern approach to campaigning and his promises to show outward support toward minority communities have seemingly not been followed through. President Biden has not followed through on a significant amount of his campaign promises thus far.

The media has a problem with holding politicians accountable. It is extremely rare to see any truthful piece of news writing or broadcasting that shares the reality of being President of The United States during Biden’s term thus far. The country may be relieved now that Trump is out of office, but that is no excuse to forgive the wrongful actions of our current administration and those who are now in control.

As of March 19, The Biden Administration fired five White House staffers for partaking in marijuana usage. Despite previous accusations made by The Biden Administration claiming that past marijuana usage wouldn’t impact terms of employment, these five individuals have been terminated from their positions and are now left without a job. This also comes after a full chamber of congress voted to decriminalize marijuana on the federal level back in December.

President Biden, having shown outward support for marijuana usage is now held in a state of hypocrisy. In addition to his promises to both decriminalize and consider the legalization of the substance, he and his administration are shown firing employees for past use of the substance. President Biden needs to be held accountable for his actions and it’s important that he not be let off easy.

Biden ran his campaign ingeniously by appealing to millenials and minority communities who were not being stood up for by other political parties, specifically by that of The Trump Administration. While Rome wasn’t built in a day, it is vital that we, as politically versed Americans, hold President Biden to his campaign promises, especially those which he vowed to complete in his first hundred days in office.


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