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The Melancholy of Kanye West

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If there is one thing Kanye West is good at other than rapping, it’s that he loves to stay relevant and be the center of attention. For the past three weeks my news feed has been invaded by this controversial artist and the headlines are baffling to say the least.

In February, Kanye allegedly attacked a fan who was seeking an autograph late at night. The rapper went after singer Billie Ellish, demanding she apologize to Travis Schoot about remarks about concert safety. He attended the super bowl, got booed at by spectators in front of his kids, and resorted to wearing a full mask that, apparently, had no holes for him to see through. This is nothing compared to the more unsettling obsessions Kanye takes part in. Not only is he dealing with divorcing Kim Kardashian and fighting for custody over his four children, Kanye is also lashing out against Pete Davidson, his ex-wife’s new flame. Apparently, he detests the Saturday Night Live comedian so much that he recently released a music video for “Eazy,” a new song featuring a disturbing scene of Kanye himself killing Davidson.

This four minute video is black and white clay animation. One scene features Kanye putting a bag over Davidson’s head, kidnapping him and burying him alive. At one point, he references his car accident in 2002 reverting it back to getting revenge on Davidson, while holding his decapitated head in the music video. One of his rapping lines, as he unabashedly puts it, God saved me from the crash, just so I could beat Pete Davidson’s a$$.

At the end, a title card reads "Everyone lived happily ever after", except Davidson as Kanye notes, calling him "You Know Who." Concluding the video with "JK he's fine.”

What twists the knife even further is that the music video came out on the exact same day a judge ruled Kardashian legally single after an eight year marriage to West.

Unsurprisingly, the video garnered online backlash, and with good reason. If anyone had half a brain, they would know that this was never meant as an expressive art piece. This is disgusting, borderline harassment against the mother of Kanye’s children. She never asked for any of this scorned teenager drama. She wanted to get away from a delusional and narcissistic man. Honestly, somebody needs to keep an eye out for this man, because he’s clearly not playing with a full deck. Ever since his mother had passed away in 2007 Kanye hasn’t truly recovered. I don’t think he received the support he needed from actual friends who cared about him. He’s always been with enablers and men who overlooked his foolish choices because they garnered attention.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if Kanye makes good music for his fans. That will never excuse his poor behavior over the years. He needs to be held accountable for all the unnecessary drama he’s caused and finally admit that he has issues in need of sorting out. I just hope that he does, before it’s too late.


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