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Summer course offerings for Communication majors

Raymond Baccari

News Editor

Communication majors have a chance to expedite their graduation. Communication courses are offered in both of RIC’s Summer sessions. In the first Summer session, 10 courses are offered:

  • COMM 162 East Asian Popular Culture.

  • COMM 201 Writing or News and Public Relations.

  • COMM 220 Digital Audio Production 1.

  • COMM 230 Interpersonal Communication.

  • COMM 240 Mass Media & Society.

  • COMM 241 Introduction to Cinema and Video.

  • COMM 244 Digital Media Lab.

  • COMM 263 East Asian Media & Popular Culture.

  • COMM 336 Health Communication.

  • COMM 479 Internship.

The majority of the courses are required courses for COMM majors. Courses such as COMM 263 East Asian Media & Popular Culture satisfy the Connections requirement. Summer courses offer students a chance to knock off a class or two that may not be available in the Fall 2022 semester.

Each Summer session is a condensed version of a normal semester – going for six weeks. Summer session one starts on May 16 and ends on June 24. Summer session two starts on June 27 and ends on Aug. 5.

The second Summer session has less COMM classes being offered:

  • COMM 240 Mass Media & Society

  • COMM 241 Introduction to Cinema and Video

  • COMM 244 Digital Media Lab

Students can register for these courses now. The registration deadline for the first session is May 20. The registration for the second session is July 1. For waiver students, the deadlines are May 13 for session one and June 24 for session two.

For session one, the add/drop period goes through May 20. The last day to withdraw from courses without permission is June 3. For session two, the add/drop period goes through July 1. Last day to withdraw from courses without permission is July 15.

Students who are both in-state and seeking an Undergraduate degree would pay $229 per credit – almost $1,000 for a four-credit course. The prices vary depending on the degree and if the student is paying in or out-state tuition.

Additional information about these Summer courses can be found at Any questions can be emailed to

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