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Students for the Faculty Versus IT

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

By: Kaicie Boeglin

Opinions Editor

Photo By Vanessa Coelho

Admits the closure of the Henry Barnard School, a budget decrease, and layoffs comes a new issue. The processes by which students are to access programs, which one would typically have in a classroom, is bringing about more harm than good. How are students to prove they are truly dedicated to their work if they cannot access it? How can students meet deadlines when the program needed is not readily available? Lastly, why should students be forced into buying laptops and software to do projects that would normally otherwise be done in class alongside the teacher?

After paying off college tuition out of pocket, I did not have enough money to buy a laptop. The IT department had the solution to this issue as they have laptop loaners for students. However, I would need a laptop that could sustain Adobe creative suite for I am a Communications student. The HP Pro Books and Chromebooks that are available for students do not support the "Virtual Lab", or "Lab PC", and do not have Adobe pre-installed.

The institution had previously been equipped with laptops with Adobe creative suite pre-installed. After this year’s summer session one these laptops with this access was revoked. The school provided negligence by not telling the professors of this change. Three weeks into the fall semester we are now finding out this information, after professors had recommended to students that they should initially reach out to IT for a chance to access one of those laptops.

The lack of communication between departments caused a hindrance resulting in broken deadlines, lost submissions and poor student morale. Combined with students who have taken the semester off, and who are still debating it, there are Professors and Adjuncts who have reached out regarding this issue who have not been heard.

In the current state of learning, all teachers are doing the most they can to help their students learn. RIC professors have just recently taken a pay decrease, and now some are forced to pause on their material until this issue is resolved. The Communications department is in a current battle to attain Adobe licenses for all students. Should this happen, students would then gain free access to all Adobe products needed for their courses. Is this resolution desired by the Comm department a righteous Robin Hood-like act that will succeed, or rather just another unheard and failed attempt to better the college.


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