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RIC instigates a campus connection

Kaicie Boeglin


Image via Dean of Students

Rhode Island College is taking an initiative to reconnect the campus environment with the student body. Students are encouraged by RIC Academic Affairs and the Office of Student Success to become 100% positively RIC during the month of April.

This month students are being challenged to participate in and attend as many programs as possible. Each event or activity attended will earn students points towards a grand prize.

Interim Program Coordinator for Student Activities Casey Smith wrote to organization leaders saying, "We want to see our campus come back to life!" The response of interest from organizations was great. There are over 65 programs planned for students – both in person and virtually.

The Positively RIC campaign is also cosponsored by RIC Programming and the Student Community Government. It is in the hopes of these organizations that this campaign will boost student engagement with on campus activities.

When a student attends a program, they are to scan a QR code which keeps track of the programs they go to. When a student hits each prize mark the Office of Student Activities will automatically reach out and connect them to their prizes.

For students that attend five programs, they get a Positively RIC t-shirt. If they attend 10 programs, they get a gift card. If a student attends 15+ programs they get a RIC swag bag filled with goodies. Those students with 15+ events will also be entered into a raffle for two free tickets to Six Flags New England, complete with full fast passes and meal cards.

One event on the Positively RIC roster is Hands-Only CPR, a non-certification class on Apr. 20 from 12:30-1:30 p.m. with David McEnrey in Gaige Hall room 201. Then there is presenting MOTHA: The Museum of Transgender History and Art, also on Apr. 20 from 5-6 p.m. over Zoom with the Unity Center. The majority of days in April will have a vast combination of both in-person and virtual events. There is something to accommodate every student.

For a full list of past and ongoing programs, please check out The campaign can also be followed on Instagram @positively_ric.



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