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RIC Alumni Association to host paint and wine night

Kaicie Boeglin


Image via RIC Alumni Association

The Rhode Island College Alumni Association will be holding a “Paint and Vino Night” in March. The Alumni Association is hosting this event through a virtual Zoom room but registration includes paint supplies, a guided lesson and your choice of wine.

The event is on Sunday Mar. 27, through Zoom starting promptly at 6:30 p.m. The event costs $15 per person as each individual gets their own painting supplies and choice of wine. Attendees for the event pick up their supplies at the Alumni Office located in the campus Welcome Center. All attendees must register for the event prior to via Eventbrite. After registration, dates and times for supply pick up are given to choose from.

The theme of the paint lesson will be waterfire nights and we'll leave each attendee feeling emotionally closer to Providence. The event allows for attendees to have the comfort of painting and wine tasting from their own home while still being connected to their peers. This event also acts as a mixer for those who have yet to meet each other.

The Alumni Association creates events and activities for the utmost of 75,000+ graduates of Rhode Island College. They provide resources, events and benefits exclusively to the college's alumni community. For further information please email or call 401-456-8086. If you are a recent alumni of RIC or need to update your information within the alumni system, please access this form.



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