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RIC Active Minds chapter is resurrected with Alpha Sigma Phi support

Kaicie Boeglin


PROVIDENCE, R.I., — Active Minds is a non-profit group dedicated to mental health advocacy and awareness and is currently active at Rhode Island College (RIC). The RIC chapter was reinstated during the pandemic after a hiatus and continues to meet virtually via Zoom. This group acknowledges living life at one's own pace and that not everyone is ready to start a post-COVID life.

The RIC Active Minds chapter is a student-run club that is #HereForYou and here to #EndTheStigma. The slogan of the organization is that "Mental health is important and needs to be talked about." The group has recently educated student-led discussion groups on suicide prevention and the acceptance of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). The group offers a safe haven to learn about the impacts and repercussions of undiagnosed problems. Participation isn't mandatory but learning is and comes easy as the discussion unfolds. Active Minds allows students to acknowledge that being diagnosed with a mental illness is not a burden.

Students a part of Active Minds discuss the various components of problem solving; the most innovative and effective approaches to supporting young adults’ well-being. Every Active Minds chapter is devoted to changing the conversation about mental health on campuses, within the workplace, in society and in the home.

Some examples of topics discussed, advocated for and explained by this organization are depression, perspective of diagnoses, self care, mental health equality vs mental health equity and much more. Be sure to follow the RIC Active Minds chapter on Instagram for inspirational and kind pick me ups, as well as news on upcoming events.

On Wednesday, Oct. 20, fraternity brothers of Alpha Sigma Phi (ASP) were set up in the Donovan Dining Center to fundraise for the national Active Minds organization. RIC Sophomore and fellow ASP brother Noah Dowhan told The Anchor, "Although we're raising donations for the national Active Minds and not the RIC chapter, Alpha Sigma Phi has a philanthropic partnership with the RIC Active Minds chapter. They are strong advocates for anyone having issues stemming from mental health." The brothers of ASP explained that students seeking information on Active Minds and their events, but that cannot attend the Zoom meetings should email the club directly at

Those interested in discovering Active Minds for themselves can do so on Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m. via Zoom.

The ID: 664 493 3182

The passcode: 5UGcpl



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