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Pfizer asks for emergency approval of their COVID-19 vaccine

Mia Raspanti

Asst. News Editor

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Pfizer and Biontech have recently announced that they discovered a COVID-19 vaccine that is over 90% effective. The safe and effective vaccine was found after months of vigorous work in order to find a method that could effectively prevent the COVID-19 virus. On Friday, Pfizer asked the FDA to authorize their vaccine for emergency approval and while Americans could begin receiving the vaccine as early as December, it won’t be distributed to all Americans right away.

These companies now face the tasking challenge of creating millions of COVID-19 vaccines in a timely manner and distributing them to hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and other distribution sites across the country. The vaccine also requires two doses several weeks apart in order to be effective.

Pfizer says they are working to develop as many vaccines as possible, and they are hopeful they will have them administered to millions of American’s by the end of this year. Tanya Alcorn, a Pfizer executive states “I am very confident. I live and breathe this. We have developed a system that does not waste any precious vaccine.” Pfizer says their vaccine could save millions of lives and additionally could prevent millions more from contracting the COVID-19 virus.

Pfizer cannot work alone in the administering of this vaccine, as they are currently laying the groundwork for their plan in collaboration with a variety of companies, federal and state agencies and healthcare workers on the frontline. Other major medical suppliers are additionally under stress right now as they need to distribute the appropriate amount of medical materials, such as syringes and needles.

Employees must be specially trained in preparation to administer this virus to millions around the country. Vaccine recipients must return to the vaccination site exactly three weeks after their initial dose in order to receive the second round. The vaccine is required to be stored in temperatures at exactly minus 94 degrees fahrenheit prior to being administered.

With widespread speculation about the safety of the vaccine due to it’s quick development and growing distrust of the Federal government, officials are concerned that it will be difficult to convince Americans to receive the vaccine. However, in spite of the current state of America in regard to the COVID-19 virus and the rising numbers, medical professionals believe that the majority of people would be open to receiving this vaccine as long as the success rate stays high.



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