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Mental impacts of Distance Learning

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Autumn Messier

Anchor Staff Writer

Since the beginning of COVID-19, everyone knew there would be inevitable changes. Whether it be grocery shopping, going out to eat or simply going on an evening stroll, things would change. One of the most drastic changes throughout the pandemic, however, was the way schools would redesign their programs. For most elementary schools, the students would have a semi-normal experience going to school half the time, and doing distance learning for the rest. Although for the colleges, the approach was to keep as many students at home as possible. For Rhode Island College in particular the majority of its student body remains completely remote, and those who step foot on campus will realize the ghost town it has become.

After interviewing a sophomore nursing student, Katie Carraccia, I was able to gain some insight as to how distance learning has altered her education. In asking her to simplify her experience in one sentence she exclaimed it is “a very stressful and hectic environment.” Being completely remote for all of her labs has had its fair share of struggles. Just the other day Carraccia explained she was “on the brink of a mental breakdown.” As hard as the faculty and students are trying, this is not a suitable experience, to say the least. Carraccia will take the remainder of her labs for the semester. She says, “my only hope is to pass.” This is a mentality many students seem to possess.

Business major, Austin Morrocco, claims that he is “not learning anything”, and that his lectures are “going in one ear and out the other.” Usually a very anxiety-heavy student, Morrocco says he is stressed but simply cares less. What he is not looking forward to is the extra heavy workload at the end of the semester. Similar to Morrocco, Harrison Pimentel is also a business major who is struggling to concentrate. It’s not just the academics Pimentel misses though; it’s the social atmosphere. Pimentel expresses, “I just want my college experience back. I miss my friends.” The social and academic atmosphere in colleges is lacking, and students want it back.

COVID-19 has created a whole new system of education, and throughout these past few months, everyone has been struggling to adjust. Rhode Island College has been doing the best they can in order to keep everyone on track, but is that enough? A whole new world of education is progressing before our very eyes, and the question remains; will things ever be the same?


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