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Livin’ Like a Local XXVI: Dörmin

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

By: Kaicie Boeglin

Opinions Editor

From the ashes of being outlanders, three friends collectively found their sound. Based out of North Kingstown, Rhode Island, is Dörmin; an incoming metalcore band with nu metal vibes. The trio consists of Peyton Frye on guitar and lead vocals, Jimmy Hammar on drums and backing vocals, and Jenna Dowaliby on bass with a side of backing growls. Inspired by bands such as Code Orange, Tallah, and Kingsmen- Dörmin has a gritty sound reminiscent of Avenged Sevenfold, Knocked Loose, and Machine Head.

While this band is on the search for a lead guitarist, they have the opportunity to work with members from Kingsmen. The Kingsmen are a big and well known band in the scene who give support and inspiration towards the ones on the rise. Fortunately enough for the trio, a Kingsmen member will be tracking one of the next Dörmin songs with them. Dörmin works alongside a manager and financial advisor, Erik Giguere, who has led them to produce a single "Usurper" and a merchandise line.

Everything in the band is done together. This is not only a band, but rather a team and family. The members span from more than just the trio with instruments. This message will be recognized across all of Dörmin's music and social outlets. Instrumentally this band has intense power fueled by a heavy nu metal/hard rock twist. Check out "Usurper" which is now out on all platforms to see for yourself. Dörmin can be found on Facebook at Dörmin, Instagram @dorminofficial, YouTube with username DÖRMIN RI, as well as across all streaming platforms.

The goal for the band is to put out their debut EP which is currently being written and recorded. Physical copies of the EP will be available upon release. As a band, all three friends aim to put out a single per month with surprises in between. Music is a way of life, especially for Peyton and Jimmy as they are both aligned to other projects. The guys use this to their advantage as they have spent the pandemic networking and creating. For all creations, merchandise and updates, make sure to follow Dörmin on Facebook.

The state of living during the pandemic allowed time for the band to create. Peyton, Jimmy and Jenna all agree that this creative outlet helps ease one's mental capacity during Covid. Time has been separated between cranking out material and building up the fanbase; the system has worked out in the bands favor as their popularity has begun to rise. Subscribe to the YouTube channel, save the single to your libraries, and be on the lookout for the EP. Dörmin is that group that will energize your day and gas up your adrenaline. What's in store can't come fast enough.


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