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Lin-Manuel Miranda's In the Heights presented at RIC

Kaicie Boeglin


Graphic by Kaicie Boeglin

PROVIDENCE, R.I., — The long-awaited feature film of Lin-Manuel Miranda's award winning, “In the Heights”, will be screening on the Rhode Island College campus in early October.

For those unaware, RIC is affiliated with Lin-Manuel Miranda through his scholarship here for underrepresented first-generation students providing a chance at studying the Performing Arts. President Frank Sánchez helped secure this scholarship in 2018, thus initiating ties between the college and Miranda. The Office of Student Life and the RIC Film Studies department managed to secure another Miranda treat this season.

The Office of Student Life in conjunction with the RIC Film Studies department will be offering a screening and discussion of Miranda’s Tony-winning musical film. The showing of “In the Heights” is a RIC student event in accordance with Hispanic Heritage Month. This celebration event will be held on Oct. 14, at 7:00 p.m., in Gaige Hall, Room 100, The Auditorium.

RIC has only opened this event to those students who are vaccinated and can present a Student ID. Due to compliance of Covid-19 policies, this event is limited to a capacity of 49 students. Pre-registration is required and can be done at Reasonable accommodation for students with disabilities can and will be arranged with a given 72-hour notice before the screening.

Originally published as a musical screenplay in 2005, the 2021 movie adaptation of “In the Heights” is the boost of morality, motivation and musical entertainment one has been needing. All students who come to the screening will be provided with popcorn bags and water, as well as new insight on Hispanic Heritage. The 2021 musical is a true sight to see for the sense of culture and brilliant work. The long awaited adaptation is set- and was shot- in the distinct streets of Washington Heights, New York. Directed by Jon. M. Chu, and starring Lin-Manuel Miranda himself, this cinematography and script gives an inner context to the lives of Latinx individuals.

“In the Heights” as a show was creative brilliance, as a film adaptation it is a commemorated work of art. The movie gets even deeper with a show to film commemoration of late actress and singer Doreen Montalvo. Montalvo was an original cast member of the Broadway show -and appeared in the film- is honored before the credits roll by a graffiti art portrait. In short, this realm is centered around Usnavi and his neighborhood as he saves up from the daily grind to return to the Dominican Republic. He sings about a better life; he promotes a vision of happiness through realizing the close knit neighborhood is their home. Home is where the heart is and friends gain pieces of one's heart over time. The film takes place over the course of three days and reflects on the dream of saving versus having spent everything for the same ideal.

One lucky student out of the 49 RIC students in attendance will also be randomly chosen to win two tickets to Miranda’s hit Broadway production, Hamilton: An American Musical. That event will be held at the Providence Performing Arts Center on Tuesday Dec. 7, 2022.

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