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Letter from the Editor in Chief: Alison Macbeth

Dear friends,

Who knew? I will spare you the cliche ponderings of how much we humans have experienced since the glass ball slid down a poll in Times Square marking 2020. For all of us, it has been a year of incredible change and continues to be so.

Distance learning has brought additional challenges to the college community. Students, staff and faculty are questioning the administration’s decision. Times feel desperate. Many campus members are still protesting as the Black Lives Matter movement continues forward. Meanwhile, we count down the days to November 3 when we will cast our ballots.

More than ever, RIC students need each other and need to share their voice. I am honored to be part of that through The Anchor this academic year. Despite the hurdles we are facing as we pivot to a primarily digital publication, I am reminded of the resilience, determination and courage of RIC students as they cover news on campus or share their thoughts on sports, current events or pop culture.

When I started off as a staff writer for the opinions column, I could have never imagined that I would end up the Editor in Chief during this unique and pivotal time. My favorite moments at RIC have been in the stanky office pleasantly procrastinating with other Anchor writers. In my junior year as I flew thousands of miles away to live in Costa Rica for a semester, I missed that dank office and the mix-matched group of people that congregated there.

Now, I still miss that office, but I have found a digital dust that sticks between zoom calls and google docs. The heart of the Anchor continues to beat in every passionate student who diligently edits or who takes a risk writing their first article.

The Anchor Newspaper will carry on its 92 year old tradition of being the voice of Rhode Island College in this new era. We will do it in new ways, but we will carry on. As the late Ruth Bader Ginsberg asserted, “Fight for the things that you care about. But do it in a way that will lead others to join you.” I am grateful to be fighting and I hope you will join me.

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