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Humanism is obsolete

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Kaicie Boeglin

Opinions editor

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To be obsolete means that one has no ideals, imagination, ingenuity and overall serves no purpose. The art of being a humble human bound to a sacred code of morals, traditions and respect for life has become obsolete. The acts portrayed by the ruling class, regardless of political agenda, negated the nature of human thought, making the mind robotic and easily manipulated. For one select individual to have a unique self-thought process has become antiquated. The government is scared of the working class retaining any power thus promoting the obsolescence of humanism.

This year has been the catalyst for individuals to define normalcy in the technical age. When once humans were free to roam at and within their own freewill, now they see themselves on camera wherever they go. COVID schooling via substantial video calls, social media posts and news headlines, and 24/7 surveillance validate the coined phrase, “Big Brother is watching you.” Secrecy and prosperity of humanism are among many of the morals lost. People believe what they choose to share with the world is all that is seen- plot twist- it isn’t.

Technology destroyed traditions such as family dinners, game nights, grocery shopping, appreciation of elders, and basic conversation. Sentiments of the past such as handwritten letters, cursive, analog clocks, and staplers are beginning to disappear. 2020 has also attempted to integrate new monetary policies and shot a spike through the unemployment rate. Humans would rather live in their screens providing themselves with physical pain and stress, rather than enjoy life with everything the planet has to offer. Despite the current times society has been headed in this direction, and although virtual reality is contemporary, the outside world is monumental compared to the digital universe.

In light of the pandemic, medical aspects of human life have been reevaluated. Attention brought towards the debate of mandatory health insurance has solidified the government as blundering and redundant. A person that cannot afford health insurance should not be fined on their taxes for the profitability of an overseer, and a person who lends their help to save a life should never be forgotten.Yet, this nation uses and abuses humans on battlefields before they’re legal enough for a night at the bar. Citizens may be forced into insurance by the government, but they receive mandatory care from any provider, free of direct government control. Soldiers are subject to outdated procedures of Veteran Affairs, subject to direct government control over who and where the medical care is from, as well as what exactly is provided for help. The same soldiers that risk their lives are pushed aside, then treated like lab rats in a cage of government rules, which proceed to harm the stability of their future. The lack of help, care and compassion from the VA for the basic survival of veterans, while VA funds are continually lobbied on a political agenda is absolutely cynical.

Humans possess a rational mind by nature. However, the government and ruling classes of the top 1%, Corporate America, Big Pharma, and global marketing are winning in attempts of dehumanizing society due to easily controlled consumerism. This year and current circumstances have shown civilization lacks rationalization when ununified, misinformed and unguided. As Americans stand to fight against one another's opinions, the art of ambiguity is lost; ambiguity is the aspect of humanism that sees a solution to problems, without it- humanism has become obsolete. The aspirations for the greater good of humanity as a whole should affirm opportunity and responsibility. This society lacks pride in mistakes and acknowledgement of negative or bad outcomes. Consumerism, capitalism and social injustices are some of the biggest ways overseers corrupt man and promote obsolescence.


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