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External threats are cause for concern

Mel Rising Dawn Cordeiro

Anchor Staff Writer

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The recent bomb threats made to the Brown University campus have brought to light the all too familiar concept of violence on college campuses. In recent years, we have seen a national rise of violence of all types on both college and high school campuses, including, but not limited to, threats, weapons being brought to schools, school shootings and sexual assaults. Each incident is tragic, however it is coming to the point where most people cannot name the latest national school affected. There are far too many of these incidents occurring.

The crime rate throughout Providence, which consists of nine districts, is ever changing. Rhode Island College itself sits between Mt. Pleasant and Fruit Hill neighborhoods, which are both part of District 4. Most crime rates as reported for the district through February 6 are up, as well as the general crime rate citywide. For more information on the specific types of crimes and for crime data on other Providence districts, please see the report listed here.

Crime affects everyone, therefore crime is a public health concern. While those who fall victim are certainly affected, those who are not directly involved can be affected as well. An increase in any type of crime instills fear into others, which causes changes in behavior patterns. These causes could be something as simple as changing a walking route or not having headphones on.

In order to ensure our personal safety as well as the safety of our campus as a whole, it is vitally important to report anything suspicious. It is also recommended not to walk around campus alone after sunset, though that may be easier said than done. Make use of the blue light boxes when walking if you must. Carry your cell phone and make sure there is some charge left to it. Always be aware of what’s around, as you never know when the environment is going to change.

To report anything suspicious, please call the campus police at 401-456-8888 or stop by the precinct near the Welcome Center East Entrance. In an emergency, please dial 911. If you have been a witness to or victim of a crime and feel as if you need to talk to someone, please reach out to the H.O.P.E. Line, which can be accessed 24/7, at 401-456-4673 or the Counseling Center at 401-456-8094.


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