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Attorney Charles Calenda (Political Profiles)

Raymond Baccari

Anchor Staff Writer

PROVIDENCE, R.I., — In an interview with Anchor Staff Writer Raymond Baccari earlier this month, 2022 Republican Attorney General Candidate, Attorney Charles Calenda. spoke about a variety of topics including what prompted him to run for Attorney General.

Additionally, Calenda addressed key issues such as the legalization of marijuana, and the push to open up an Inspector General’s office in Rhode Island.

Calenda also spoke about some of the key policies in his campaign such as not using the Attorney General’s office as a political stepping stone to other statewide offices like Governor, staying apolitical, and not considering politics and/or optics when making decisions such as prosecutions and/or civil enforcement actions.

Calenda also talked about his time as a Special Assistant Attorney General in that office and what key differences he had seen throughout the multiple administrations he worked under, what he sees his chances as in 2022 versus current Attorney General Peter Neronha, how the R.I. GOP could help his campaign, and what kind of Republican he sees himself as in the era of factionalization within the party.

Towards the end of the interview, Calenda spoke with Baccari about non-political topics such as what he thinks Rhode Island is best known for.

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