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Anchorwomen cap off a perfect season

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Jenfrin Rodriguez

Sports Editor

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With no fans all the year the Anchorwomen were nothing short of superb. The team’s overall record is 11-0 and eight of those wins were over double digits. The team displayed composure all season long with their attention to details. In all of the wins the Anchorwomen won the rebounding battle, points in the paint differential and the defensive one with having either more steals or blocks if not both. Factors such as those led to one of if not the best season run in program history.

The Anchorwomen won 72-20 against Plymouth State in the Little East Semifinals. Brooke Young scored 14 points on 80% from the arc. Marina Rufo recorded a double double in only 11 minutes while also shooting perfect from the field. As a team, they dominated the glass 48 rebounds to 30 by Plymouth State. The offenses were vastly different and not close at all. The Anchorwomen had 17 assists compared to a measly one. Also, RIC shot more efficiently from the free throw line, field and three pointers.

In the Little East Championship, RIC won gold by winning against Keene State 50-38 on March 6. In the biggest game of the year and the most must-win one the Anchorwomen performed. The team played four players over 30 minutes and showed the trust in them placed by the coaching staff. In return, they played RIC basketball. Seniors Sophia Guerrier and Brooke Young were vital in the win. Sophia scored 19 points while also recording 12 rebounds while Brooke had 14 points on 75% from three. As usual, the team had more steals nine compared to three, higher field goal percentage 40% instead of 30% and shot better from behind the arc at 39% rather than 23%. Despite not dominating the boards, the Anchorwomen took high percentage shots allowing them to separate themselves from Keene State.

Sophia Guerrier was named the most outstanding player of the tournament with her stellar play in both games. With the victory the team won its third ever Little East Championship title. All year long the Anchorwomen played like the best team and now they have the gold and title to prove it.


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