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Anchorwomen Basketball Team official start to season, first practice October 15

Cameron Iasimone

Anchor Staff Writer

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Junior guard Antonia Corsinetti has complete faith in her team in entering this upcoming season after last year's championship run. She mentioned in an article last week how she is excited to start as soon as possible and is also excited to work with the new incoming Anchorwomen as well. The wait is over and the Anchorwomen kicked off their first practice Saturday, Oct. 15. Coach Jenna Cosgrove had some input on the start to the season as well. “We have high expectations for the season since we return a Veteran group and are coming off of an undefeated season. We also lost our two leading scorers and Captains so we’ll look for new leaders to emerge and take on larger roles in the first few weeks of practice.” Coach Cosgrove says. Coming from the players and coaches as well, the first day of practice was a success. “The first day of practice went great! We started at 6 a.m. for the first day and it was the best first day of practice I’ve had since taking over at RIC in 2017. The team was energized and focused with a sense of urgency to continue our success from last year.” Coach Cosgrove says. “Everyone was full of energy, but at the same time got down to business. Our main goal is to repeat as champions and our mind set has not changed since we started.” Corsinetti mentions. Coach Cosgrove continues to say, “Last season we were stripped of an NCAA tournament appearance due to COVID, so we are determined to make it our goal to play in the big dance. We have some solid newcomers and a transfer who was a former Rhode Island standout from Scituate, Madison Medbury. “ All the pieces seem to be put together for the start of the season for the girls. Hard work, dedication and focus has seemed like their main focus point. A lot of the Anchorwomen have also been training before the start of practice up to the official start. “The competition this upcoming season will be competitive, at a high level, and will be a full season” Corsinetti adds. “We will continue to wear masks during practice and stay as safe as we can.” The girls schedule will be up on The Rhode Island College website in the upcoming weeks, but a league insider had mentioned that the start of the season will kick off on Nov. 10.


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