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Anchormen basketball seeking championship

Cameron Iasimone

Asst. Sports Editor

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The Anchormen have resumed their play these past few weeks after the winter break with a little slower pace than they expected. However, that does not diminish the fact that Junior Guard Shion Darby, and Senior Guard Keyshaun Jacobs, are the two leading scorers in the entire Little East Conference.

The two captains have been pushing their team game in and game out, each and every day at practice and off the court as well. In sitting down with Jacobs, he mentioned what he believes to be the way to make a championship run. "All we want is a ring. I know Shion has said it multiple times as well because we know we have the pieces. All we need to do is stick to our style of play and not get beat down the stretch of games. Hold everyone accountable and put our head down and work."

Anchormen are 12-6 on the season after their most recent loss to rival Keene State 108-83, and three of their last six losses came after the winter break.

"We know the game we need to play. Simple mistakes in tight games we've lost can easily be worked on. Playing together and playing as a whole is key to keep winning games," Jacobs said.

While each loss has been close over their last few games, the Anchormens first overtime loss of the season against UMass Dartmouth didn't end in an orderly fashion. "We checked out too early, we could have easily stayed in that game being down as much as 15 and coming back," Jacobs says.

Losses like these are definitely not what this Anchormen team needs throughout the rest of this season. Darby and Jacobs are in high hopes of continuing their scoring ways, as well as Sophomores Damian Tucker, Jordan Riley and Ousmane Kourouma. These three have been a key factor in the Anchormen winnings as well. Riley and Kourouma start alongside Jacobs and Darby, while Tucker makes an incredible impact as the team's 6th man.

Tucker has been averaging 12.2 points over the last 4 games and Jordan Riley has been putting up tremendous numbers after being moved over to the Point Guard position.

Lastly, let's not forget the big man Kourouma averaging 11.4 rebounds a game, getting it done on all cylinders.

"This team is special. We have the pieces, we are going to do whatever it takes to make this last run" Jacobs says.

The anchormen look to regain their winning ways on the road Monday, January 31st as they play Plymouth State University in their next Little East matchup.

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