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An evening with Former Mayor Fung

Raymond Baccari

Anchor Staff Writer

Photo by Raymond Baccari

PROVIDENCE, R.I. -- Former Cranston Mayor, Allan Fung, sat down last Friday with Student Community Government President, David Blais in a virtual Q&A. The event was live-streamed on Facebook and Instagram by Anchor TV. Fung answered questions on a range of subjects, all suggested by Rhode Island College (RIC) students.

Some topics that were covered in the 50-minute interview are; what his time at Classical High School and RIC was like, challenges he faced in college and how he overcame them, his thoughts on who Governor McKee should select as Lieutenant Governor, his views on President Trump following the events that occurred toward the end of his Presidency, his hobbies and his plans for 2022.

Fung says he enjoyed his time at RIC. He was involved in a number of student activities and organizations on campus such as the tennis team and Student Community Government.

Fung said, “It was the best experience of my life. Getting onto the RIC campus was a great opportunity for me to really open up, join a lot of activities, make a lot of friends, from not just Rhode Island, but across the country.” Fung said he had many wonderful experiences during his time at the college that he will cherish as well as the amazing staff, educators and administration at RIC.

While Blais asked most of the questions, there was a special guest who joined the Q&A to ask a few questions to Fung-- President Frank D. Sánchez. Sanchez asked Fung what the challenges he faced during his time at RIC and how he overcame them. Fung responded, “The first challenge which, is a joke, is parking because I’m sure it’s still a challenge in this day and age for commuters. But seriously though, one of the biggest challenges that I found was trying to make that work-life balance. I was always stressed about making sure my assignments were done on time, but I wanted to have the full RIC experience. Balancing the tennis team, representing my class well in government, to even just making time for me, socializing, making friends, and working and spending time with my family.”

Fung continued, “It taught me a lot to be organized, and make some time for myself. There’s always going to be a lot of stress in life. And RIC had a lot of resources to help me get through them as well as friends and networks that helped me get through those challenges then, and those same friends I still have in my life to this day.”

In addition to questions that Fung was asked regarding his early life and his time at RIC, there were, as expected, some political questions. One of those was who Fung thinks McKee should select to be the new Lieutenant Governor.

Fung knows a lot of the applicants on that list personally. He said, “As a fellow Mayor, Central Falls Mayor James Diossa would be a natural fit in that supporting role to now-Governor McKee. As a Mayor, as a Chief Executive where you’re managing budgets and people, you develop a lot of different skill sets that are necessary for the role of Lieutenant Governor.”

He also noted while Diossa is one of the candidates that comes to mind, there are candidates on both sides of the aisle who could be that someone that will help McKee lift the state up as the new Lieutenant Governor.

Fung was in the news recently for landing a new job as a partner at the Pannone Lopes Devereaux & O’Gara LLC. Law firm located in Johnston. This was mentioned in the Q&A.

Although it is still early before 2022 ends up on voters’ doorsteps, now is the time when a candidate for statewide office would start getting everything ready for a campaign. Fung said he wants to focus on his new job and has no anticipated announcements in the near future regarding 2022, saying “No announcements on anything Fung 3.0 today. I just started as a partner at a great law firm, I’m focused on that right now. But who knows what the future holds and what doors may open in the future.”

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